Weekly Agendas

 Weekly Agendas

Q2: WEEKS 11 & 12



Unit Homework: Bi-Weekly Reading Log-RL #5 Due on November 2nd (Given to students on 10/22 & 10/23)
IREADY: The students work on their IREADY lessons every Wednesday. All students must complete 45 mins a week.

Lesson 1: 

  • Multiple Meaning Words DLR & Do Now questions 1-19
  • Homophones lesson (flocab videos, M&M’s study guide)

Lesson 2: 

  • Do Now: DLR- Week 8-Tuesday 2-5
  • EQ-How can I use context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words? How are reading and being a detective similar?
  • Context Clues- Flocab video “Be a Word Detective” & quick review-define the 5 context clues whole group—highlight notes
  • Close Read Paired Text-Werewolves
  • Mark the text codes & define vocabulary
  • Students will be word detectives and hunt for unknown words & analyze using graphic organizers

Lesson 3: 

  • Do Now: DLR Week 20 Tuesday
  • Announcements: Field Trip money/slip, RL due Friday, Fall Celebrations next class
  • Close Read Paired Text “Game Over”—Mark the text, 3-4 word summaries, context clues graphic organizers, close reading questions

11/2: Assessment- Cold Read Test: Mohandas Ghandi, Boar Out There, Reading Logs Due

Q1 Creative Writing Class:

  • Conclusion of Poetry Unit-Music is Poetry Project-10/24 Due Date
  • Round Robin Writing-Spooky Stories