7th Grade Webpage

Welcome to the Seventh Grade Website!!


As in the past, we will be using Edmodo for assignments, notes, and other useful information for students. We encourage parents to access Edmodo using the username/password that you child uses. This will help you see what is being done in class and what assignments are upcoming.

7th Grade Field Study – Save the date!! The 7th grade will be visiting the University of Florida on February 24th for a field study. More information will be coming home soon.

Water Bottles at School – Liberty Pines Academy’s policy is that students are allowed to have water during the school day. However, it MUST be in a clear container. Any student who brings a drink in a container that is not clear will be required to dump it. Additionally, students who are throwing water bottles, including flipping them to try and land them standing up, will be asked to dispose of their bottles.

Retaking Summative Assessments – Students who score below 70% on a summative assessment are eligible to retake the test. They need to fill out the Summative Retake Contract and return it to their teacher to get their remediation work and schedule the retest.

Year-at-a-Glance Pacing Guides – The Year-at-a-Glance is a document that informs parents and students of the recommended pacing and content standards for selected courses. It includes the topics to be taught week by week each quarter and a list of instructional resources. The Year-at-a-Glance is only a recommended pacing guide; school leaders and teachers make the final decision regarding the pacing of any program of study. The classroom teacher is always the best source of information regarding content and pacing. The Year-at-a-Glance is supplied as a model of one recommended path to the completion of a course.

Florida Standards Student Tutorials – New resources and features have been added to www.FloridaStudents.org.  The number of resources and tutorials is impressive:

  • Math 6                  220
  • Math 7                  208
  • Pre-Algebra        204
  • Algebra I              277
  • Geometry           138
  • ELA 6                     54
  • ELA 7                     44
  • ELA 8                     20
  • Comp Sci 1          40
  • Comp Sci 2          54
  • Comp Sci 3          66
  • Phy Sci                  68
  • Biology 1              280
  • Civics                     127

PTO 7th Grade Text Messages– If you would like to sign up for the 7th grade text messages, please text [email protected] to (904) 201-8112. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying “unsubscribe @lpaseventh”.

Summative Assessments – Students will not be taking home any tests this year from their classes (with the exception of math). Tests will be reviewed with students in class and parents can make arrangements with individual teachers to review a particular test at school.