Update 2/20

See below for what we are learning in our classroom!


Reading – We completed our 3rd DBQ about life in Florida.   The final project will be presented to the class on Monday.   We will then review and work on the skill of main idea.  


Math – We will continue to work on measurement.    Our next topic is perimeter and area.    The test for the entire measurement unit will include topics 12 and 13 in the textbook.   The assessment will not be until the following week.


Science – We will switch back to science and learn about different forms on energy.


Writing – We continue to work on our writing.   Our goal is for students to be self-assessing at this point any areas they need to work on before our assessment in a couple weeks.    We continue to work independently and as a class at best practices for writing.


 Important Dates:

  • March 5th – FSA Writing
  • March 12th – End of 3rd quarter
  • March 13rd – 20th – Spring Break
  • March 26th & 27th – FSA Math
  • March 31st & April 1st – FSA Reading
  • May 14th – Kennedy Field Trip

 Thank you again for all the help and support you give to our classroom.   As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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