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8/10 – First Day of School

Syllabus 2018-19

Safety-MS Contract

8/14 – Signed Science Forms Check, Safety & Syllabus Quiz

8/17 – Science Materials Check

Test Guide 1-1   “I Can” Study Guide 1-1  Standards and Scaled Goals Weeks 1-2

Media Resource: “Scientific Method”.  “Asking Questions & Designing Problems” “Planning & Carrying Out Investigations” “Obtaining, Evaluating & Communicating Information”

8/20 – Lab Day

8/22 – Science Dept Meeting (Substitute)

Experimentation      Metric system  


Our First Summative Assessment is Scheduled for August  29th

Unit Test bumped back a day (8/30: Due to lack of text books!!)

Test 1-1 Team Average = 86.8%

Portfolio Template, Test Corrections & Retest Contract

9/3 – No School (Labor Day)

Brochure Rubric

I Can Study Guide Unit 1-2      Test Guide 1-2    Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 5 & 6

Projected Unit 1-2 Test Date: Sept 20th

Matter Diagram Rubric

Intro to Matter

Density 2018      Buoyancy

Our Next Unit Test will be pushed to the 21st (Friday) to make room for a little more Lab work