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Info sheet 2016-17  Syllabus 2016-17 Safety-MS Contract  Parent Peanut Allergy Letter

8/11 – First Day of School

8/15,16 – Signed Science Forms Due

8/17,18 – Science Materials Due

Unit 1 – The Nature of Science

Projected Unit Test Date: 9/1,2

Media Resource: “Scientific Method”.  “Asking Questions & Designing Problems” “Planning & Carrying Out Investigations” “Obtaining, Evaluating & Communicating Information”

RDG GUIDE Ch. 1 & 2 2016

Study Guide 1-1

Week 1-2

8/22,23 – Group Brochures (Work on and present)

Brochure Rubric

The HAC Gradebook is now open!!!!!

8/24,25 – Lab Day: “Measurement I”

8/26,29 – Metric System and Experimentation Review

Don’t forget:
The 1st PTO meeting of the new year will be this Friday at 5:30 pm (in the cafeteria).  We will be approving the budget & have some exciting information on upcoming events for the month of September!
We will also have ice cream for all the kiddos following the meeting.  This is a great opportunity to learn about what’s going on at school and to get to know other parents.

The meeting will be fairly short so that we can all head over to Creekside for the first football game of the season!

Hope to see you there!!

8/30,31 – Lab Day: “Measurement II”

Special thanks for those who were able to make a lab donation! The funds will be put towards science materials and equipment to enhance lab experiences throughout the year!

I Can – Study Guide Unit 1

9/1,2 – Unit 1 Assessment

9/9 – SCHOOL CLOSED due to weather

9/5 – No School (holiday)

9/6 – Open House

9/7 – Interim Progress Report grades due. Please turn in any missing assignments so your status is accurately represented at this point in time. DNA’s will be entered at the end of the day for any blank grades!! Fix these ASAP to avoid late deductions!!

**Unit Test 1-1 Average = 79.1% (Raw)

***Update: Unit 1-1 Average After Retest = 84.5%

A’s=18     B’s=41     C’s=28     D’s=11     7’s=7

Portfolio Template, Test Corrections & Retest Contract

Average Overall Grade at Interim = 81.5% 

9/12 – 27: Unit 1-2

Anticipated Test Dates 9/26,27

I Can Study Guide Unit 1-2                          Test Guide 1-2              Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 5 & 6

Media Resources: “Matter”, “States of Matter”, “Properties of Matter”, “The History of the Atom”.
Simulations: “Build an Atom ” , “Density”

9/12,13 – Matter & Density Review Lesson

Matter Diagram Rubric

9/15 – Science Fair Club Lunch & Learn Club Meeting: All Welcome!!

9/22,23 – Buoyancy Lab Extension

Reminder!! Please use some of this weekend to study for your second UNIT TEST

9/26,27 – Unit Test 1-2

Raw Average Test Score = 76.7% (**Update 78.9% after retakes)

9/28, 29 – New Unit Begins…..The last Unit Test for the 9 weeks is scheduled for Oct. 10th and 11th!!

Test Guide 1-3                        I Can Study Guide Unit 1-3              Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 7 & 8

Media Resources: “Physical & Chemical Changes” , “Atoms & the Periodic Table”,  “Tour of the Periodic Table”

10/3 – We’ve now finished our study of the Period Table (the bulk of Unit 3) and will move on to Lab work in order to put this knowledge into practice before the Unit Exam (and the end of the 9 weeks).  I will point out that we have already fully addressed 13 of the 16 “I Can” statements from the unit. That means that students have over 80% of the content to review and reflect on at this point. PLEASE do not wait until the last minute.

10/6,7,10 – Storm Days (School Cancelled)

Lab postponed (no dry ice in the area from storm) …Unit Test still on!!

10/11 – Please make certain that you have addressed all missing work and DNA’s in the grade book before this Friday afternoon 10/14, otherwise Report Cards will reflect this in your end of quarter grades.

10/11,12 – Unit Test 1-3

10/13 – Team Test Average = 81.3% (Raw)

10/14 – END OF 9 WEEKS

10/17 – Block Project

10/20,21 – Lab Day

Test Guide 2-1                      I Can Study Guide Unit 2-1              Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 10 & 11

Next Unit Test is scheduled for November 9th and 10th Properties of Matter, Atoms & the Periodic Table, Chemical bonds. pH Scale: Basics

10/24 – Chemsearch

10/28,31 – Lab Day     (Balancing Practice – Beginner)

11/3,4 – Lab Day

The tentative Unit 2-1 Test date was indeed bumped back 1 day (due to the field trip)

11/10 – Interim Grades are due by the end of the day. Check HAC for DNA’s so that you can maximize your average

11/17 – Unit 2-1 Average = 71% (After Retest = 73%)

The Retest for Balancing Chemical Equations will be offered on 1st Lunch Monday 11/21 & Tuesday 11/22



11/21 – Unit Test 2-2 is scheduled for December 6th and 7th

I-Can-Study-Guide-Unit-2-2                    Test Guide 2-2                     Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 14 & 15

11/23-25:  Thanksgiving Break!

NOTICE: If you did a “Balancing” retake, see me with your original test so that I can adjust the grade on that section fairly. The sooner the better…..

Spectrum Diagram

12/7 – Test 2-2 Average = 86.1%

Midterm Items Specs Comp III

Midterm Items Specs Comp III ADV

Parents: Expect to see Student Portfolios coming home. We are identifying weak areas during class so that each student knows what particulars to revisit prior to the midterms.

12/21 – 1/4 Winter Break

Second Nine Weeks Team Report Card Stats:  Overall Average 83.6%    A’s=41    B’s=43    C’s=23    D’s=10    F’s=0

Welcome to 2017 and a New Unit!

Unit Test 3-1 Projected Date is Jan. 26 & 27

I Can Study Guide Unit 3-1                          Test Guide 3-1 2017                   Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 19-21

Planet ID WS

Lovett P. Point     the moon

Midterm Exam Grades have been posted in HAC by the District. Comp III Team Average = 79.5%

Unit Test 3-1 Raw Team Average = 79% (Before Retake)

**The Retest for the Planets Section of the unit will be during first lunch on Thursday or Friday (2nd & 3rd). If your schedule does not allow this, you must talk to me by the end of the week to set up an alternate time.

Unit Test 3-2 scheduled for 2/22-23

Study Guide 3-2    I Can Study Guide Unit 3-2   Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 22-24

HR Diagram Practice

Doppler Practice

Gravity Practice

2/3 – Please address and correct any DNA’s on HAC by the end of the day so that it is reflected on 4.5 Week Interim Reports.

2/8 – Interims, Lab Day

2/16 & 21 – Lab Day

2/17-20: No School!!

2/23 – Unit Test 3-2 Team Average = 81.8%

2/24 – The Next Unit Test (4-1) is scheduled for March 22,23!

I Can Study Guide Unit 4-1      Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 24-29      Test Guide 4-1

Interactive Nitrogen Cycle:

Cycles Video:


Additional Support:

2/28 – FSA Writing Exam

3/7-10: DC Trip (If you’re headed there, be sure to address any HAC DNA’s beforehand!)

cell review           cell theory

3/10 – End of 3rd Quarter

3/13-17: SPRING BREAK!

3/20 – Planning Day

3rd Quarter Team Report Card Stats:   Average = 84%

A’s=46     B’s=39     C’s=24     D’s=7

Unit Test 4-1 will be pushed back to March 27th and 28th

3/28 – Unit 4-1 Test Average (Team) = 85.4%


Use the link below to sign up to Quizstar:

Create a user name and password…….Then, Class #1 “Search Teacher’s Name” (In the dropdown):  A. Lovett > Keyword Search. Scroll down until you find:

A. Lovett
[email protected]


Checkmark your correct class period box and then click the register button down at the bottom!

4/7 – Phase 1 of SSA prep is now complete. Students have analyzed their performance on 2 full length exams and have categorized questions, vocab, topics, and errors.

4/13 – Phase 2 of SSA prep is now complete. Students have reviewed 6th and 7th Grade topics and have tested their performance in these areas on the Quizstar website.

4/21, 24 – ELA FSA

4/26 – Phase 3 of SSA prep is now over. We have spent time in each of the 4 Reporting Categories followed by Quizstar checks in each area.

4/28 – Phase 4 of SSA prep is behind us. The paper based post test should indicate growth in subject areas. In all, students have examined around 325 sample questions in the last month (among other things). Please use the weekend to sneak in some last minute practice. Many individuals are on the borderline between performance levels – and a little extra attention will be very decisive!

5/1 – SCIENCE SSA!!!

5/5 – Gradventure Trip

Many Thanks to everyone for the generous gifts and kind words for teacher appreciation week!!! It meant a lot!

The deadline for all missing work is 5/17!

Final Exam Schedule:

Thursday 18th: B2, B3     Friday 19th: A2, A3      Monday 22nd: B4, A4

5/23 – 8th Grade Promotional Ceremony @ 9:00am