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8/10 – First Day of School

Syllabus 2018-19

Safety-MS Contract

8/14 – Signed Science Forms Check, Safety & Syllabus Quiz

8/17 – Science Materials Check

Test Guide 1-1   “I Can” Study Guide 1-1  Standards and Scaled Goals Weeks 1-2

Media Resource: “Scientific Method”.  “Asking Questions & Designing Problems” “Planning & Carrying Out Investigations” “Obtaining, Evaluating & Communicating Information”

8/20 – Lab Day

8/22 – Science Dept Meeting (Substitute)

Experimentation      Metric system  


Our First Summative Assessment is Scheduled for August  29th

Unit Test bumped back a day (8/30: Due to lack of text books!!)

Test 1-1 Team Average = 86.8%

Portfolio Template, Test Corrections & Retest Contract

9/3 – No School (Labor Day)

Brochure Rubric

I Can Study Guide Unit 1-2      Test Guide 1-2    Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 5 & 6

Projected Unit 1-2 Test Date: Sept 20th

Matter Diagram Rubric

Intro to Matter

Density 2018      Buoyancy

Our Next Unit Test will be pushed to the 21st (Friday) to make room for a little more Lab work

Unit 1-2 Test Team Average= 82.9%

Test Guide 1-3                    I Can Study Guide Unit 1-3                         Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 7 & 8

9/27- Retakes Today for 1-2 Density Graph and Energy Diagram (8:00-8:30 or 11:50-12:20 or 2:50-3:20)

Our last Unit Test for the 9 Weeks is scheduled for Monday Oct 8

10/1,5: Lab Days

Media Resources: “Physical & Chemical Changes” , “Atoms & the Periodic Table”,  “Tour of the Periodic Table”

10/09,10 – Block Project


Unit Test 1-3 Team Average = 84.3% (42/50)

Sit-Down Paper Retake for “Block” section of the test will be offered Friday Oct 12th (8-8:30 / 11:50-12:20 / 2:50-3:20)

First Quarter Report Card Stats:  Team Average=86.9%

A’s=59      B’s=53      C’s=9      D’s=2      F’s=1

I Can Study Guide Unit 2-1

Unit 2-1 Test Scheduled for Oct 30th Properties of Matter, Atoms & the Periodic Table, Chemical bonds. pH Scale: Basics

Lab Days: 10/22    10/25

water     (Balancing Practice – Beginner)

Unit Test 2-1 Team Average = 76.5%

Sit Down Paper Retake for “Ion” or “Balancing” sections of the Test will be offered this Thurs during 3 time slots

Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 14 & 15            Test Guide 2-3


Unit 2-2 Test is scheduled for Nov 19th!

Radiation 2

Wave Disturbance           The sun1

Unit Test 2-2 Team Average = 94.8%

Test Guide 2-3      I Can Study Guide Unit 2-3                     Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 16-18

12/22-1/6: WINTER BREAK

Our Last Unit Test for 2018 was postponed as to not interfere with Midterms. Given that you have all of the content already, expect this test immediately upon return from break in January. This was discussed in class with widespread approval…

1/8 – Unit Test 3-1

New Unit: “Beyond Our Solar System”

Test Guide 3-2

I Can Study Guide Unit 3-2

Standards and Scaled Goals – Weeks 19-21

MIlky Way

Constellation Rubric