Classwork & Homework:  Are very valuable tools for learning and are part of every student’s grade.

Classwork is any lesson work assigned during class.

Homework is lesson work assigned to be completed at home and returned the following day.

Extra Credit: Is not available. If a student does all classwork and homework and turns them in when due, this in itself will raise their grade. Classwork and homework are forms of “bonus credit”.

Bonus Credit: Is available. Classwork and homework are forms of “bonus credit.” Another form of bonus credit available is in the form of a student’s Math notebook and Science notebook. Notebooks are collected at the end of each quarter. Bonus credit is issued to the student whose notebook achieved the following criteria:

Notebook Bonus Credit

  • Must be neat
  • Must be complete
  • Must be in chronological order
  • Must be turned in on the date due

Notebooks provide wonderful tools for students to learn how to study, learn organizational skills, and keeps students engaged in the current and previous lessons. They are tools which will help them in their future middle, high school, and college endeavors, therefore the reason behind the Notebook Bonus Credit.