Classroom Discipline

Classroom Discipline

I believe that discipline in the classroom is the key to successful learning. I believe in creating a safe environment for my students and appreciate a supportive relationship with parents and guardians in regards to the maintenance of school wide discipline.

Classroom Procedures that students must follow:

*Raise your hand and wait for me to call on you before speaking.

*Silence in the hallway, single file line.

*When the sign is on “Class Discussion,” you may “chat quietly.” When the sign is on “Silence,” you must be silent.

*Follow directions instantly. 

*Stay in your seats, seated, with both feet under your desk. Heads up, chest to desk.

*No talking back or arguing.

Consequences of a student choosing to not follow the Classroom Procedures (listed above):

1. Name written on board

2. Lose half recess: For choosing to misbehave again

3. Lose whole recess/ privilege: For choosing to misbehave again

4. Call Parent/Guardian and Earn a Step on a Pre-Referral form (At the 4th Step, a Discipline Referral is issued.)

Discipline Referrals – A student may be issued a referral for any of the following events listed below:

  • A referral is issued for extreme misbehavior.
  • If a student is defiant or disrespectful toward myself as their teacher, they will receive a referral.
  • Pre-Referral form – When a student reaches Step 4 of a Pre-Referral form, they will be issued a referral.