Parent/Student Resources

Landrum Middle School Testing:

Click here to read and review the Parent Letter about our iReady progress monitoring test, which will be given three times a year.

Please see the links below to see the latest testing calendars.  Please keep in mind that these are subject to change throughout the course of the testing window.  If you have any questions, please contact Gina Middaugh, 904-547-8410.  Thank you.

NEW SCHEDULE OUT!!!  See below for Winter Testing Schedule

Click here for the 2017 Winter Testing Schedule.  Most tests will be paper based, but a few are computer based.

Click here for the state assessment calendar for all state testing.

Click here to get the overview of the calendar for our school.  This gives you a broad overview of the up-coming test windows.

New FSA assessment samples by grade level/EOC subject are now available

The FSA portal has been officially updated and now has practice assessments for each specific grade level 3-10 as well as specific assessments for Math EOCs.  The types of items in the training tests correlate completely with the item specifications and the number of practice tests also provide more examples of question types and leveled texts. Grade specific assessments can be accessed through FSA Practice Assessments.

The Guide for Preparing for the Algebra 1 End-of-Course Assessment can be found here.

Florida Standards Student Tutorials is a great source for our Florida Standards.  Here you will find student tutorials and resources located from all over the web to support your student’s learning in language arts, mathematics, science, and civics.  New resources and features have been added and the number of resources and tutorials is impressive:

  • Math 6                  220
  • Math 7                  208
  • Pre-Algebra        204
  • Algebra I              277
  • Geometry           138
  • ELA 6                     54
  • ELA 7                     44
  • ELA 8                     20
  • Comp Sci 1          40
  • Comp Sci 2          54
  • Comp Sci 3          66
  • Civics                     127

Student Resources:  Here are some links that might be useful to our students and parents.

Go Math Online Textbook (6th – Pre-Algebra):  The link for the Go Math online textbook is  The students should have log in information in their planner.

Go Math Algebra 1 Honors Online Textbook Link:  The online version of the Go Math textbook for Algebra 1 Honors students is
They should have log in information in their planner.

The link for Algebra Nation is now through Clever St John’s County Active Directory. You must use “Firefox” as your web browser or the phone/ipod app. New Passwords were given to students by their teachers on 9-3-15. Many students have it written inside their workbook.

Pearson Science Online Textbook Link:  Click HERE for the link to the science textbook.  The students should have log in information in their planner.