Weekly Agenda: Please Bring your independent reading book, and interactive notebook daily.

If you are absent or need an extra copy many of the activities for Peak can be found at:  http://united.k12.il.us/highschool/Peak%20Unit%20Student%20Pack.pdf

Monday 10/16 & Tuesday 10/17-  in class: P.O.V pages 114-115 iready book.  Analyze 2 text to compare and contrast authors P.O.V. Read Peak 38-44. Should Peak be allowed to climb Everest?  HW: find at least 3 new pieces of text evidence to support your claim to the question: Should Peak be allowed to climb Everest? Cite page # and quote with one sentence elaboration. 

Wednesday 10/18: Writing Wednesday- share stories, lesson on descriptive writing Homework- Revise story to be more descriptive.

Thursday 10/19 & Friday 10/20- In class- Philosophical chair & reflection. Homework- Read “The Summit Hotel” p.43-50



Monday 10/9 & Tuesday 10/10

In class: Read up to page 38 in Peak complete POV questions. P.O.V iReady book pages 162-164

Homework: finish any classwork if needed, Read your independent book.

Wednesday 10/11: Green Day story read around. Be sure to have dialogue.

Thursday  10/12 & Friday 10/13-  Peak “camps” 1-2 review finish P.O.V examples in notes and characterization sheet.

H.W: On page 43 in your notebook. Write 1-2 paragraphs explaining your Point of View about children being allowed to participate in dangerous, potentially life-threatening sports.

Monday 9/25 & Tuesday 9/26

In Class: Peak Vocab 1,  Intro lesson to P.O.V.,  i-Ready in Computer Lab  Homework: Read your independent book. 

Wednesday 9/27

In Class: Orange day Writing due. Share out and exemplars.  Homework:  Read 

Thursday 9/28 & Friday 9/29 

In Class:  P.O.V application,  Begin Peak pages 1-17  Homework: Visualizing the text, finish pages 1-17