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Weekly Agenda: Please Bring your independent reading book, and interactive notebook daily.

If you are absent or need an extra copy many of the activities for Peak can be found at:

Monday 11/10 and Tuesday 11/11

In class- Peak vocab quiz. Class Spelling Bee. Begin Connotative and denotative lesson. Read 93-97 Homework- Complete 2 iReady lessons by Firday. Finish reading Pages 93-97

Wednesday 11/12- in class Poetry lesson Homework: Continue to work on iReady

Thursday 11/13 iReady book mini lesson on word meaning, Finish connotative word meaning packet, Read 98-106. Homework- Finish 98-106



Monday 11/6 & Tueseda 11/7- Practice FSA informative essay in class.

Wednesday 11/8- Green Day edited student stories due. Story share. Intro to poetry.

Thursday 11/9 & Friday 11/10- Peak similes and metaphors. Read 77-92.  H.W. Jordan Romero’s story with close reading questions. Vocab quiz Monday/Tuesday.