Welcome 6th graders! I am so excited to embark on a great school year with you!

Top 3 tips for success:

1. Be Positive- a positive attitude and a smile will get you through just about anything. Likewise surrounding yourself with positive people will bring you confidence and happiness.
2. Be Prepared- by coming to school prepared you will have the confidence needed to focus on your work. At home check the website for weekly updates you will be able to find your assignments here!
3. Be Proactive- when you do the assignments the day they are given you set yourself up for success, and give yourself time to ask the teacher a question before the work due. Likewise utilize your class time and work diligently to make the most of it. At home you can access your grades using the HAC system.


Writing 1st entry due Orange Day 8/30 or Green Day 9/6. Choose any one prompt from the writing board in your journal.

Monday 8/21 &Tuesday 8/22 

  • In class: iReady diagnostic assessment 1st 45
  • How to login at school to Clever & Textbooks
  • Begin “The Ravine in Text book”
  • Homework: Read

Wednesday 8/23

  • In Class: Plot application using fairy tales
  • Page 54-55 in iReady workbook
  • Review writing board
  • Homework: Read

Thursday 8/34 & Friday 8/25

  • Class: iReady diagnostic first 45 minutes
  • Read “The Ravine”
  • Homework – Complete persuasive note to Vinny convincing him of your position (jump or don’t jump)