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Mr. Lassetter’s Classroom Expectations for IB and D/E Classes

Daily Classroom Expectations

“Do nothing that stops others from learning.” Stay calm.

Be inside the classroom when the bell rings or have a “note” when you arrive.

Bring your textbook to class every day.

Bring a pen or pencil, 3 inch binder, and sufficient 8.5 x 11 inch paper to class every day.

Classwork and Homework

I grade almost all homework and classwork.

All work needs to be titled with your first and last name, assignment description, date, and period.

Cornell notes will be used frequently. They will be graded using a posted rubric.

Binders will be checked.

Late work never receives a higher grade than an high ‘C’

There is no extra credit in any class.

Keep all your work until the end of the school year.

How to Get a Good Grade in this Class

Excellent attendance is the key to good grades because classwork and homework almost always receives a grade.

Handwriting, spelling, and the appearance of your work counts significantly to your overall assignment grade.

Follow school policy regarding make-up work. It is your responsibility to complete any make-up work within five class days after your return from a field trip or other absence. Late makeup work will never be accepted.

If you are absent it is best for students (in all classes) to try and E-mail me to get the classwork. You could contact a friend. As a last resort see me when you return to class. But remember, make-up work is often more tiresome and difficult than classwork!

12th Grade: Contemporary History (IB)


A History of World Societies– by McKay, Hill, Buckler,Ebrey, &Beck

The Move to Global War: IB History Course Book – by Jo ThomasKeely RogersCauses and Effects of 20th Century Wars: IB History Course Book – by David Smith

This class is part of a two-year course. You will be expected to complete four major items. A compilation of points among these four requirements will determine whether or not you receive an  I.B diploma, and whether or not you will receive college credit for this course.  At the end of this year, you will be expected to take 2 essay tests and one written historical skills/analysis test that I.B call “papers.”


  1. Paper I – The Move to Global War (1927-1937). This exam consists of answering 4 questions from the history of the 20th Students will be presented with a series of documents and will analyze the documents and use information gained in the course to show evidence and mastery of the topic. Students will have 1 hour to complete paper I.


  1. Paper 2- This exam consists of answering two questions: The causes, practices and effects of wars during the 20th century, and 2. The Cold War. The exam is essay-based and requires a student to exhibit the ability to recall evidence and to analyze this evidence to show mastery of the topic. Students will have an hour and a half to complete this paper.


  1. Paper 3- This exam consists of answering 3 essay questions based on the History of the Americas (U.S, Canada, and Latin America). Students will have 50 minutes to complete each of the 3 questions for a total of 2 1/2 hours. Answers to the essays should show the students ability to recall historical evidence as well as analyzing that evidence. This paper is studied in your junior year.


In addition to the papers, students will also write an Internal Assessment or I.A. An I.A is a research paper that is written in the Junior year and polished in the Senior year. The I.A has a specific grading rubric. The paper requires students to read at least 6 sources ( 2 must be books) and to write between 1,800 and 2,200 words that analyze a debatable question of the students choosing. This paper is not only a requirement to receive an I.B diploma, but since I.B students are not required to take economics, and government the I.A becomes a requirement for graduation.


Materials needed for class.


Binder, textbook, paper, and pen.

Classroom Policies

Cardinal Rule: “Do nothing that stops others from learning.”

Homework assignments are to be turned in on time. Assignments turned in late will score no higher than a C+. Excused absences will be treated according to PMHS policy.


I.A projects/assignments are to be turned in on time – if late a grade no higher than C+.  Turning assignments in early, or sending them in with a friend is acceptable. Students must print their own internal assessments. I will not accept them as an email, and I will not print them for you. If you do not have a printer, our library will be able to assist you.


Please remember that you should keep backup copies of your IA.  I am not responsible for ‘saving’ a copy of your IA.


PMHS disciplinary policies will be used regarding unexcused tardiness, cell phone use, and attendance issues.


Formative Assessment 30%: Homework and Classwork.  Cornell notes quickwrites, quizzes, and other activities that promote discussion.  Book Reviews and Research

Summative Assessment 70%: Exams, Essay Tests and Multiple Choice Tests.