World History Supplementary Online Resources

German Unification part 1

 Part 2 

Part 3

Crash Course Imperialism 13:42

Keith Hughes Imperialism 23:45

Crash Course Capitalism and Socialism 14:43

Crash Course Imperialism 13:46

Crash Course World War I 11:35

Crash Course Nationalism, Communism, and China’s Revolution 12:11

Video Segment: Imperialism in East Asia

Video Segment: Colonial Zanzibar

Video Segment: Colonial India

Research and information on Imperialism throughout the world

University of Montreal- (Brief) History of European – Asian trade-

British National Archives- Black Presence-this site explores Asian and Black history in the Caribbean in Britain from 1500 to 1850 through primary documents and general information

Columbia University- China and Europe- What is Modern- This website compares Europe and China between 1500-1937 through general information, primary documents and video segments

Useful documents hosted by the University of California Los Angeles on British India

Video Segment: Imperialism in Portuguese Brazil

Video Segment: Imperialism in South Africa

An exhaustive set of links and scholarship on the nature and history of nationalism

A catalog of Russian history internet sources

A portal to information about World War I organized by country and by topic

Hundreds of primary source documents from the period

The Great War- PBS has a website dedicated to World War I with an interactive timeline, commentary, video clips, printable maps, and a glossary of important terms

Educational web-site for students on WWI

Shell Shock 14:00

World War I map with narration 6:43

Monty Python – Philosophers’ World Cup 3:49

Enlightenment – Words of the World 6:57

Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution Crash Course 11:27

The French Revolution Crash Course 11:54

The Haitian Revolution Crash Course 12:35

Latin American Revolutions Crash Course 13:43

Animation of John Henry story 12:00

  1. S. Child Labor, 1908-1920.   9:21

Canadian Pacific 2317: The Finale 10:27

How the Panama Canal functions, in Spanish 2:29

How canals work 2:25

Why the Industrial Revolution started in England 57:29

Industrial Revolution Inventions Timeline 3:31

Videos on various aspects of the Industrial Revolution and its effects

Global Industrialization, Video Segment: Liebig’s Beef

Video Segment: The Silk Industry of Japan: Gender and Industrialization

University of Florida-The Industrial Revolution- this site provides an overview and background to the Scientific Revolution, bibliographic essays, outlines, timelines, a glossary, biographies of major sources, well organized links to primary and secondary sources, manuscript and archive sources.

Women in World History

Children and Youth in World History

Oracle Think- quest- The Industrial Revolution: Of Men and Machines- this site has information, links as well as printable activities on the Industrial Revolution

Extensive web links and access to primary sources on the Industrial Revolution in Britain

Short video on the American Revolution

Short video on the French Revolution

PBS-Napoleon-The site offers summaries and expert commentary on the following topics on Napoleon as well as an interactive timeline and video clips.

Extensive web links and primary sources documents related to the American War of Independence

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity- Exploring the French Revolution-more than 600 primary documents from maps, to songs to letters-

Extensive, high-quality links to information on French history, including the Revolution and Napoleonic empire

Teaching for Change, The Haitian Revolution and America

Information and video on the Haitian Revolution

Links to Latin American independence leaders, including sources in both English and Spanish

Information on Mexican history in the nineteenth century

Historical Texts with background on the Mexican Revolution

Charles V and the Holy Roman Empire, 13:15

Luther and the Protestant Reformation, 15:06

Foundations of Absolutism, 9:31

Annenberg- The Renaissance- This sites contain information about people and events related to the Renaissance through reading selections.

An extensive collection of primary sources on the Reformation and other topics

Explore the Renaissance- this site contain information, pictures and additional resources on the Renaissance and the age of Exploration

The University of Miami Lowe Art Museum has a selection of their art from the permanent collection on the website. Each piece of art has an explanation of its importance and relevance to their specific group or time period. The time period includes The Renaissance, Meso America, Africa, Asia,

Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment 15:01

The Renaissance Crash Course 11:33

The Story of the Magna Carta, animated 13:37

Christianity from Judaism to Constantine

Fall of Constantinople

History Hanover Project on the Early and Late Medieval Period

Columbia University- The Mongols in World History-This website general information on the Mongols (e.g., maps, primary documents and video segments).

National Endowment for the Humanities- includes primary sources, interactive modules as well as case studies for this time period.

Women in World History is a project from the Center for History and New Media, George Mason University,  and part of World History Matters, with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and includes primary sources, interactive modules as well as case studies

Short Video on Ottoman Empire

Asia exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum- Collection of art and artifacts, information and interactive maps and timelines from various portions of Asia. The areas covered include the Islamic Middle East from the rise of the Islamic Empire to the Fall of the Ottoman Empire, India from the Mughal to the British control, Korean Art and Society.

Short video on the spread of Islam.

PBS video on the Empire of Faith: Islam

Statistics on Islam and other religions