Poster Rubric

World History Poster Rubric

Student examples of posters that have been submitted this semester are on the World History home page.

24 points

Summarize the key people, events, and effects of your topic; which are worth eight points each.  Write this information by hand, unless you have an IEP which allows the accommodation of using a computer for all assignments.

16 points

Use colorful hand drawn artwork, a chart, or a map to illustrate the concepts of your poster.

10 points

Citations – tell me where you found the information you used for your poster. 

Book: Author’s name, The Book Title (City where published: Publisher, date of copyright [found on the third page]), page number.


William H. Rehnquist, The Supreme Court: A History (New York: Knopf, 2001), 204.

Website: Author, sponsor of the site, and the site’s URL.

Kevin Rayburn, The 1920s,

*The use of proper citations does not give you license to plagiarize material in any way.  The information on your poster must be in your own words.  Material directly quoted may be used, but sparingly, and only to emphasize your own work.

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