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Pearson Electronic Textbook

The screen should have this picture on it:

Log in page background picture

Log in page background picture


Username: 55+student number (omit the S before your student number) Ex: 55123456

Password: capitalized first and last initials + birthdate in numeric form Ex: Student John Smith, who was born on March 5, 1999 would have a password of JS03051999.  If your last name is hyphenated, use the initial of the first portion of your last name

Screenshot (1)     Once you see this screen, left-click on the arrow to the left of your History class under Classes & Products, and a drop down menu will appear.  Left click on the title of your class that appears.

Screenshot (3)  Left click on the Enter button on the lower right of the Welcome window that opens up.

Screenshot (5)  On the upper right-hand corner of this overview page, left click on eText to access a drop down menu (which is on the right side of the blue task bar on top of the page), and again on the name of your textbook once it drops down.

Screenshot (7) Once your textbook appears on the screen, you can access the Table of Contents on the left of the screen, which acts as a drop-down menu.

Screenshot (10) When you go to a specific page in the text, notice the speaker icon.  If you click on this icon, you may have the text read to you.

Screenshot (9) Use the tools on the toolbar to highlight text, bookmark, add your own notes etc…

Enjoy this fabulous resource!