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Hey kids,

We are in the home stretch! 


This is a picture of my high school History teacher, Mr. Hashimoto.  Mr. Hashimoto’s family worked as farm laborers in California, mostly picking lettuce.  During World War II he and his family were interred in a concentration camp, losing their home and most of their possessions.  After the war, Mr. Hashimoto went back to picking lettuce, but he worked hard in school, went to college, studied determinedly, and became a teacher.  As Mr. Hashimoto’s U.S. History class changed my life, I honor him as one of my heroes.   Thank you Mr. Hashimoto!

I challenge all of my students to persevere and become heroes in their own right.  This is our life; let’s make it count not only for ourselves, but for others in our community as well.

Mrs. Lane