Reading at Home

Reading at home each day is so important for my students! Students can read independently, read to a parent, or share the reading with a parent. The best way to help your child this year, will be to encourage reading at least 20 minutes. Finding a regular time and place for daily reading will help make it happen. Your interest in what your child is reading will be a big motivator! Please try to ask questions to get them talking about their books. : )

How reading works in our class:

In the Communication Binder, each student has a reading baggie. This should always contain one to two books from our classroom library or from home. A bookmark should be in the book so students can record reading at school and at home on it. When a book is finished, the bookmark will be placed in the student’s Progress Monitoring folder. It’s a great way to keep track of our reading! I really encourage reading only one book at a time, rather than one book at school and one book at home.

As a parent, if you ever feel a book is too challenging or too easy, talk to your child and have them change it out the following day.