October 29 – November 2

Please look for a lime green letter from me today about your child’s choice of word for the upcoming Vocabulary Parade on November 9th at 9:00 am. Please let me know of any questions you have about this. There are many ideas on Pinterest too.

Resources this week:
M – computer lab   T – art   W – none   TH – music   F – media

Curriculum Update:

We have been working on finding the main idea of informational text and details that support the main idea. We will continue with this standard this week. We will also read many poems and learn about the elements of poetry such as stanzas, lines, rhythm, rhyme, mood, figurative language, and who the speaker of the poem is.

In writing, we will finish up our first research based writing on the wildebeest migration and African safari. Students will combine what they have learned to write a narrative as if they were actually on a safari and saw the migration. We are learning how to locate and annotate information in several sources that will be useful in this writing.

We have started working with fractions. We will begin with understanding what the numerator and denominator represent in a fraction. We will work with partitioning rectangles and circles into equal parts as well as partitioning a number line between 0 and 1. An example of this is below.

This week we will learn about the Caribbean. We will discover what the geography, climate, natural resources, and landmarks of these island countries.

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