October 1 – 5

Every Wednesday is School Spirit Day: Wear your Puma Pride!

We will be going to The World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum IMAX on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.  Please send in and sign both the “Parent Permission Form for Field Study Activities”, and the “Medical Information Form” with payment no later than Friday, October 19, 2018.  Please pay by check or cash (exact change only).  Make checks payable to Picolata Crossing Elementary. The cost is $14.00. We are scheduled to view two documentaries, including “Pandas 3D”, and “The Great Barrier Reef.” The permission slip will come home on Monday.

October Friday Themes:
10/5 Wear your favorite hockey team jersey/shirt
10/12 Wear your favorite baseball jersey/shirt
10/19 Wear pink for PCE Pink Out Day
10/26 Wear FL/GA attire or green for Character Counts: Responsibility

Upcoming Events:
Friday, October 12: 1st quarter ends
Monday, October 15: School holiday for students.
Tuesday, October 23: McDonalds McTeacher Night
Wednesday, October 24: Reports cards available on HAC
Friday, October 26: The Picolata Fall Festival
Friday, November 9: PCE Vocabulary Parade
Monday, November 12: No school… Veteran’s Day

Resources this week:
M- PE   T – art   W – music   TH – computer   F – media

Curriculum Updates:

ELA: This week, we will read The Raft by Jim LaMarche. Our focus will be looking closely at the main character and how he changes throughout the story. Characters change in their appearance, their personality, and the relationships they have. A character change can be caused by an interaction with another character, a new activity, a new setting, or a problem in the story.

Based on some of the spelling I have seen in student writing, we are going to work with the three sounds the -ed ending can have in a word…
/d/ as in turned
/id/ as in needed
/t/ as in walked
I want them to realize, no matter what sound the -ed makes, it is always spelled -ed. Sometimes students think a word will end in -t as in walkt. I see this often in writing.
Students will have a 24 word sort in a bag each night this week. Please send it back to school each day. They should say the words aloud and sort them by sound. We will have a spelling quiz on Friday for the following 12 words:
rained   turned  yelled  cleaned  started  melted  loaded  twisted  walked  dressed  asked  bumped

MATH: We continue to work on rounding 2 and 3 digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. We will then move into 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction. We will learned several strategies. Students should use the strategy they feel most confident about using!

SCIENCE: This past week, we learned the functions of each plant part. This week, we will explore how plants respond their environment. They will discover plants grow toward light and roots grow downward in response to gravity.

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