August 27 – 31

Monday, August 27 is individual picture day. Please send in your payment envelope if you are not buying online.

We will take our MATH iReady assessment this Thursday and Friday beginning at 8:45 AM. I will have scores immediately. I will talk about setting up conferences at Open House.

Resources this week:  M – PE   T – Art   W – Music   Th – open   F – Media

Curriculum Update:

ELA: This week, we will read The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, a funny book with a strong lesson. We will focus on visualization as a comprehension strategy, making sure we as readers are seeing a story in our minds as we read. This is a great strategy to use when we read our chapter books. We will also notice how a text’s illustrations can create mood and give additional information that connects to the text. We continue to look at characters… what they do, what they say, what they think about, and how this leads us to traits we can use to describe them.

Our story vocabulary words this week are:

flutter – flap rapidly or quickly
clutch – grab / hold something tightly
dodge – move quickly to avoid something
heartbreaking – very sad / upsetting
fury – great anger
bewildered – confused or puzzled

MATH: We will finish our unit on understanding multiplication and division. We will have our unit assessment on Wednesday and will review on Tuesday. On Thursday, we will begin unit 2 which will be about the area of a square or rectangle and how it closely relates to a multiplication array.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will read our first issue of Scholastic News magazine this week. This resource is wonderful for learning how to read informational text and learn about current events and topics.

SCIENCE: We will continue our science unit on tools scientists use, scientific units of measurement, recording and communicating data.


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