December 10 -14

Tuesday is our field trip to Marineland! It is looking like it will be chilly, so please dress warmly and if you chose to bring a lunch, please bring it in a disposable bag.

Resources this week:
Monday – none
Tuesday – field trip
Wednesday – media
Thursday – pe
Friday – guidance

Mid-year iReady reading testing this week! On Wednesday and Thursday, we will complete the mid-year reading iReady online assessment. This will be a great opportunity to see growth from the baseline in August. We will take the math assessment in January when we return from our winter break.

Next week, we will have our class party on Thursday, December 20. It will be a “Grinch” Day and I will send home details soon. Winter Break will be Monday December 24 through Monday, January 7, 2019!

Curriculum Update:

ELA: I am so proud of student participation in nightly reading. They are so excited to share what they are reading the next morning in our status of the class circle. Thank you parents for encouraging reading at home. It truly makes a difference in academic success.

This week, we will read a wonderful book, Thank You, Mr. Falker. We will look at how the main character’s self confidence changes throughout the story and what events cause these changes in her. We will also determine the central message, which is what the author wants the reader to learn from the story and apply to his or her own life.

We have been doing a lot of writing! As we finish a piece of writing, we are working on looking over it to see if it makes sense, if we are using capital letters correctly, and if we are ending our sentences with punctuation. This is a big step for third graders, but very important as we prepare for fourth grade writing.

Math: In math, we are finishing up our unit on fractions greater than 1 on a number line and using fractional parts of whole units, measuring lengths using quarter inches, and plotting data on line plots. Below are some examples of these concepts. We will have a test this week and I will send home some papers to review.

Social Studies: We will begin a new unit, Celebrating Culture in North America. We will identify the cultures that have settled in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. We will learn about the Native Americans who first lived in North America, European settlers who explored North America and the Caribbean, and a few cultures today.

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November 5 – 9

Our Vocabulary Parade is this Friday at 9:00. Students are welcome to wear their costumes and change afterward if they would like.

There will be no school Monday, November 12 in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Our Thanksgiving Feast will be Thursday, November 15. Our time will be 12:35 – 1:05. Only certain grade levels will participate and therefore third grade will not participate in the winter holiday feast in December.

Resources this week:
M – pe   T – computer lab   W – art   TH – computer lab   F – music

Curriculum Update:

ELA: We continue to work with poetry. We will read poems several times in order to understand the structure, how poets often use figurative language and imagery, and how stanzas build on each other to tell a story.

Math: We will finish up our unit on understanding fractions this week. Our unit assessment will be the following week. The graphic below shows how we will partition number lines to show fractional parts of a whole. We have been using fraction bars and this will be the next step in understanding this concept.

Science: We are beginning a new unit on animals. Students will be expected to classify animals into major groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods, vertebrates and invertebrates, those having live births and those which lay eggs) according to their physical characteristics and behaviors. Click on the chart below to see the characteristics of each group.

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October 29 – November 2

Please look for a lime green letter from me today about your child’s choice of word for the upcoming Vocabulary Parade on November 9th at 9:00 am. Please let me know of any questions you have about this. There are many ideas on Pinterest too.

Resources this week:
M – computer lab   T – art   W – none   TH – music   F – media

Curriculum Update:

We have been working on finding the main idea of informational text and details that support the main idea. We will continue with this standard this week. We will also read many poems and learn about the elements of poetry such as stanzas, lines, rhythm, rhyme, mood, figurative language, and who the speaker of the poem is.

In writing, we will finish up our first research based writing on the wildebeest migration and African safari. Students will combine what they have learned to write a narrative as if they were actually on a safari and saw the migration. We are learning how to locate and annotate information in several sources that will be useful in this writing.

We have started working with fractions. We will begin with understanding what the numerator and denominator represent in a fraction. We will work with partitioning rectangles and circles into equal parts as well as partitioning a number line between 0 and 1. An example of this is below.

This week we will learn about the Caribbean. We will discover what the geography, climate, natural resources, and landmarks of these island countries.

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October 15 – 19

See below for our daily themes during Character Counts Week. This was also sent in the Thursday Folder.












We will preview the book fair on Friday of this week. The book fair will be held the following week: October 22 – 26.


Resources this week:
M – no school   T – music   W – media   TH – pe    F – guidance

Curriculum Update:
ELA: We will focus on informational text this week. Our mentor text will be I Wonder Why Penguins Don’t Fly and Other Questions About Polar Lands. Along with a review of the purposes of text features, we will concentrate on determining the main idea of a paragraph or article and supporting details which tell more about the main idea. We will do this while learning about arctic animals and the polar lands of the Arctic and Antarctica. We will take this a step further in writing and write paragraphs about narwhals using information found in several articles.

MATH: We will finish Unit 3 this week. We will have our assessment mid-week and it will cover adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers, rounding numbers to 1,000 to the nearest 10 or 100, and perimeter. We have been working on these concepts for a few weeks and will review this week.

SCIENCE: We will complete our unit on Plants and the Environment. A study guide will be sent home on Wednesday and the test will be on Friday.

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October 1 – 5

Every Wednesday is School Spirit Day: Wear your Puma Pride!

We will be going to The World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum IMAX on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.  Please send in and sign both the “Parent Permission Form for Field Study Activities”, and the “Medical Information Form” with payment no later than Friday, October 19, 2018.  Please pay by check or cash (exact change only).  Make checks payable to Picolata Crossing Elementary. The cost is $14.00. We are scheduled to view two documentaries, including “Pandas 3D”, and “The Great Barrier Reef.” The permission slip will come home on Monday.

October Friday Themes:
10/5 Wear your favorite hockey team jersey/shirt
10/12 Wear your favorite baseball jersey/shirt
10/19 Wear pink for PCE Pink Out Day
10/26 Wear FL/GA attire or green for Character Counts: Responsibility

Upcoming Events:
Friday, October 12: 1st quarter ends
Monday, October 15: School holiday for students.
Tuesday, October 23: McDonalds McTeacher Night
Wednesday, October 24: Reports cards available on HAC
Friday, October 26: The Picolata Fall Festival
Friday, November 9: PCE Vocabulary Parade
Monday, November 12: No school… Veteran’s Day

Resources this week:
M- PE   T – art   W – music   TH – computer   F – media

Curriculum Updates:

ELA: This week, we will read The Raft by Jim LaMarche. Our focus will be looking closely at the main character and how he changes throughout the story. Characters change in their appearance, their personality, and the relationships they have. A character change can be caused by an interaction with another character, a new activity, a new setting, or a problem in the story.

Based on some of the spelling I have seen in student writing, we are going to work with the three sounds the -ed ending can have in a word…
/d/ as in turned
/id/ as in needed
/t/ as in walked
I want them to realize, no matter what sound the -ed makes, it is always spelled -ed. Sometimes students think a word will end in -t as in walkt. I see this often in writing.
Students will have a 24 word sort in a bag each night this week. Please send it back to school each day. They should say the words aloud and sort them by sound. We will have a spelling quiz on Friday for the following 12 words:
rained   turned  yelled  cleaned  started  melted  loaded  twisted  walked  dressed  asked  bumped

MATH: We continue to work on rounding 2 and 3 digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. We will then move into 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction. We will learned several strategies. Students should use the strategy they feel most confident about using!

SCIENCE: This past week, we learned the functions of each plant part. This week, we will explore how plants respond their environment. They will discover plants grow toward light and roots grow downward in response to gravity.

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September 17 – 21

Please consider helping us purchase Scholastic News. It is a wonderful informational text resource for us. A form was in last week’s Thursday Folder. The cost for the year is $6.33. It can be paid in cash or a check made out to Picolata Crossing Elementary. Thank you so much for your support with this!

The 2nd Annual Puma Pacer is Friday, September 21. PTA has requested pledges no later than Thursday, September 20. The online link for pledges is:

  • Puma Pacer Volunteers/Spectators –  We’re expecting a great turnout this year.  Due to security, both volunteers and spectators are required to be approved through the county’s KeepNTrack system prior to the 21st if they wish to participate and/or cheer for their students. The Puma Pacer packet included a RSVP slip for volunteers and spectators.  We are asking that form be return for every adult planning on attending so that the Front Office can prepare badges prior to race day.  Attaching the packet for any parents who are asking for another copy.  Please remind parents of the RSVP and prior volunteer approval.  We want to ensure everyone is able to participant. Race schedules are being finalized and will be released next week.

Resources this week:
M – computer   T – media   W – pe   TH – art   F – Puma Pacer Please wear your Puma gear!

Curriculum Update:
ELA: We will continue reading informational text and determining the purpose of text features. We will ask why an author would place diagrams, maps, headings in certain spots and how they help the reader understand the topic better. Partners will be assigned a page from an informational book and will analyze the text and text features to present to the class.

Vocabulary will be the same as last week:
customary: usual or normal or happening regularly
energize: give energy or strength
appetizing: tasty or good to eat
plain: without anything added, without decoration, can also mean a large area of flat land
differ: is different
refreshing: something that makes you feel fresh and strong again

MATH: We are still working with area. We will look at rectangles with larger area and learn to use the distributive property to break the large rectangle into two smaller rectangles making it easier to determine the total area. Below is an example:

We are learning about the five regions of the United States. We will compare and contrast each region’s climate, vegetation, natural resources, and landmarks. Our quiz will be open book.

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September 10 – 14

Interim grades will be posted on Wednesday, September 12. A report card envelope will be sent home.  Please sign it and return to acknowledge you have viewed HAC. If you would like a hard copy, please email me or write a note in the planner.

Please consider helping us purchase Scholastic News. It is a wonderful informational text resource for us. A form was in last week’s Thursday Folder. The cost for the year is $6.33. It can be paid in cash or a check made out to Picolata Crossing Elementary. Thank you so much for your support with this!

The 2nd Annual Puma Pacer is Friday, September 21. PTA has requested pledges no later than Thursday, September 20. The online link for pledges is:

Resources this week:
M – music   T – no resource   W – media   TH – PE   F – art

Friday’s Theme: Crazy sock day!

Curriculum Update:

ELA: We will be learning how to read informational text this week. Reading articles and informational text is much different than reading fiction. We will notice how authors organize the text and how they include many types of text features to help the reader understand the content. It is important to understand the purpose of each text feature and why the author decided to include it.

customary: usual or normal or happening regularly
energize: give energy or strength
appetizing: tasty or good to eat
plain: without anything added, without decoration, can also mean a large area of flat land
differ: is different
refreshing: something that makes you feel fresh and strong again

MATH: At home, please help your child begin to memorize skip counting by 3 and 4.
3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 15 – 18 – 21 – 24 – 27 – 30
4 – 8 – 12 – 16 – 20 – 24 – 28 – 32 – 36 – 40

We continue our area unit. We will draw rows and columns to determine the area of a rectangle given an incomplete array like the examples below.

SOCIAL STUDIES: A study guide will come home on Monday for our geography / map skills test on Wednesday. The test will cover basic map skills (a review from second grade) and types of maps. Students will need to be able to locate the 5 oceans on a world map.

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September 3 – 7, 2018

Thank you to all who came out last Thursday for our Open House. If you were unable to attend, let me know if you would like a copy of the PowerPoint.

Spirit Days:
Wednesday – Show your Puma Pride!
Friday – Wear your favorite football team shirt or jersey.

Resources this week:
Tuesday: music
Wednesday: none (Hopefully we will have the laptop cart!)
Thursday: media
Friday: pe

Puma Pacer:
Friday, September 21… A packet was in the Thursday Folder last week. The schedule will follow soon.

Curriculum Update:
ELA: Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and Crab Cakes Later)
We will continue using the strategy of visualizing text. Please reinforce this at home by reminding your child to visualize during their at home reading time. : )

I will also introduce how to respond to a text based question. Below is an example of how to refer directly to text to support your answer.

QUESTION: In the beginning of the story, “The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock”, what did Prewitt say or think about to show how he felt about his tail?

Written Response:  In the story, The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, Prewitt was very depressed and sad about how his tail looked. The text says, “Prewitt was not as proud as a peacock, for he had nothing at all to be proud of.” The author also wrote, “His was indeed a sad tail. And Prewitt was indeed a sad peacock.” This shows that Prewitt was sad because of his tail.

floppy: soft and hanging down loosely
recall: remember
clatter: rattle noisily
disaster: event such as a fire, flood, or storm that causes a lot of damage or suffering
celebration: happy event held to honor a special occasion
retrieve: bring or get something back

MATH: Multiplication and Area
Area is the amount of two-dimensional surface that is contained within a plane figure. We measure area in square units such as square inches or square centimeters.  Area or space can be tiled with unit squares without gaps or overlaps. We will discover that two shapes with the same area can look different. For example:

We will learn the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. We will realize a map is distorted because it is flat and cannot replicate the sphere shape of a globe.

We will also review basic map elements such as a compass rose, map key, map symbols, and a map scale.

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August 27 – 31

Monday, August 27 is individual picture day. Please send in your payment envelope if you are not buying online.

We will take our MATH iReady assessment this Thursday and Friday beginning at 8:45 AM. I will have scores immediately. I will talk about setting up conferences at Open House.

Resources this week:  M – PE   T – Art   W – Music   Th – open   F – Media

Curriculum Update:

ELA: This week, we will read The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, a funny book with a strong lesson. We will focus on visualization as a comprehension strategy, making sure we as readers are seeing a story in our minds as we read. This is a great strategy to use when we read our chapter books. We will also notice how a text’s illustrations can create mood and give additional information that connects to the text. We continue to look at characters… what they do, what they say, what they think about, and how this leads us to traits we can use to describe them.

Our story vocabulary words this week are:

flutter – flap rapidly or quickly
clutch – grab / hold something tightly
dodge – move quickly to avoid something
heartbreaking – very sad / upsetting
fury – great anger
bewildered – confused or puzzled

MATH: We will finish our unit on understanding multiplication and division. We will have our unit assessment on Wednesday and will review on Tuesday. On Thursday, we will begin unit 2 which will be about the area of a square or rectangle and how it closely relates to a multiplication array.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will read our first issue of Scholastic News magazine this week. This resource is wonderful for learning how to read informational text and learn about current events and topics.

SCIENCE: We will continue our science unit on tools scientists use, scientific units of measurement, recording and communicating data.


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August 20 – 24, 2018

Hello second week of 3rd grade! Thank you parents for your support with reading at home and checking over the math homework. I was so happy with how my students showed responsibility with this!

We will begin our iReady diagnostic testing this week. On Monday and Tuesday, students will  complete the reading diagnostic. This will give me information about where they are and where we need to focus. Math iReady testing will not be until August 30 and 31.

Fall individual picture day will be Monday, August 27.

Our Open House will be Thursday, August 30 beginning at 6:00 pm. I hope to see you there!

  • Session 1: 6:00 – 6:40 p.m.
  • Session 2: 6:45 – 7:25 p.m.

Resources this week: M – Media   T – PE   W – Art   TH – Music   F – none

Curriculum Update:

ELA: This week, we will read the story, Two Bobbies. This is an informational narrative about a dog and cat that were left behind during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Our vocabulary words for the week are:

bustle   volunteer   debris   devastate   ruckus   lounge

I do not require students to memorize the definitions of these words, but I do want them to understand the meanings and be able to use them in speaking and writing. Using them in conversation at home will really help them to learn these new words.

: )

MATH: This week, we will continue working on understanding what multiplication and division are. The strategies we have used in class are below:

We will understand that division is closely related to what we have learned about multiplication, focusing on the total, the number of groups, and the size of each group.

Total = # of groups ÷ size of each group   AND   Total = size of each group ÷ # of groups

SCIENCE: We will continue learning about The Scientific Method.

We will also discuss and use various tools scientists use to measure and collect data.

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