Welcome to English I

A QUICK REMINDER! If you have not already done so, please visit the following link in order to complete the summer reading assignment for English I. All summer reading assignments will be collected on the first day of school and will count as the first grade for the 2015-2016 school year. English-I-Summer-Assignment-1

My name is Ms. Kidwell and I’d like to welcome you to an amazing school and what I hope will be a fantastic year! Transitioning to a new environment can be a bit intimidating at first and, for this reason, I consider it a part of my duty as your teacher and class sponsor to help you navigate through and excel during this exciting first year here at BTHS.

I’d also like to take this time to note that, due to my marriage this past summer, my name will be changing to Mrs. Brown (assuming I ever get around to doing all the paperwork). However, in order to avoid confusion, I am requesting that my email address and contact information remain the same for the remainder of this school year.


Please feel free to email me any time at [email protected] with questions or concerns. I try to respond to emails immediately, but will respond within 24 hours in the worst case scenario.


English I (Standard & Honors) Course Syllabus

All students are REQUIRED to subscribe to Ms. Kidwell’s Edmodo page at https://edmodo.com/kidwell83 to access daily assignment updates, quizzes, and links to handouts.

The student online textbook can be found at http://my.hrw.com/

To check student grades and progress go to Home Access Center (HAC)

If you’re having trouble navigating the Edmodo site, click here to read an Edmodo Setup Guide for Students & Parents

And, for those who (like me) are not that tech-savvy, here is a helpful PPT on Cornell notes & Edmodo set-up.

And, for your convenience, here is a copy of the Master Calendar for 2016-2017.


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