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Welcome to 5th Grade with
Mrs. Kenney

Welcome to Hickory Creek!  We am delighted to have you join me on this fifth grade adventure!  The information below will be helpful over the first few weeks of school until you become familiar with how things work at the school.


Please send an email anytime you have questions or concerns.  We do check email and respond after school hours so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question about an assignment or something that happened at school during the day.  If there is an urgent message, please contact the front office and they will relay that to us during the school day.

Main Office Phone Number:  (904) 547-7455
Email Address:     [email protected]

Behavior Management                                                                            CC 1-Pillars_CC10

We expect everyone to demonstrate that Character Counts by building our classroom Community through fairness, responsibility, responsibility, citizenship, respect, caring and trustworthiness.

While in both class, student behavior will be tracked daily. Each Friday, students will bring home a short report that summarizes their behavior for the week.  We will make notes regarding specific behaviors that may affect their citizenship grade negatively.

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Language Arts

We will follow the Florida Standards for Language Arts instruction which can be found on the Florida Department of Education’s site.  Please scroll down until you see the standards for 5th grade.  We are utilizing  Making Meaning and Being a Writer by Center for the Collaborative Classroom curriculum to teach the standards.  Making Meaning is a reading comprehension program that incorporates research based best practices in reading comprehension with support for fostering your child’s growth as caring, collaborative, and principled people.  During our daily writing workshop, we will tackle personal narratives, fiction, expository-nonfiction, functional writing, opinion writing and poetry.  Students will approach writing with confidence and understand that writing, first and foremost, is communication.

Accelerated Reader                                                    AcceleratedReader

Accelerated Reader is an expectation for all students at Hickory Creek.  Students will take a placement test called STAR at the beginning of each quarter to assist with determining reading levels and setting individual reading goals.  Please check your child’s binder for updated information.  Students who meet their quarterly Accelerated Reader goal will be invited to a special celebration with Mrs. Groves, Mrs. Hiller and Mrs. Miller.

Accelerated Reader and Home Connect

There is a feature in Accelerated Reader called Home Connect.   Home Connect lets parents see the results of their child’s AR quizzes, how many quizzes students have taken, what books are being read, and other relevant information. There is also a link to AR Bookfinder to check for availability and level of quizzes on other books.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to help monitor their child’s AR progress. This will allow parents to help and encourage their children to meet their reading goals of percentage correct for quizzes (85-100%).

To log into Home Connect, go to:

Your child’s specific login and password will be available in their OCEAN Folder during the first weeks of school.


Math & Science

We will be following the common core standards for math and the Florida State Standards for Science found on the Florida DOE. Your child will have two consumable GO Math textbooks and a hardcover science text he/she will be utilizing. Please check our newsletter that is uploaded on our webpage to know which standard/s we will be working on and preparing to test.

Grades and Expectations

We believe strongly that if students take the time to complete a task that we should also take the time to evaluate the task and provide feedback to students in a timely fashion.  All graded work will be recorded in the grade portal as soon as it is evaluated.  The grading scale for St Johns County is pretty straight forward:

A=90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69 and F=0-59

Students will have the opportunity to work toward mastery with all tasks.  If your child needs additional time, instruction or just a second chance at the curriculum, they will have those opportunities.  It is our goal that every child we teach master the standards even if it takes a little longer to get there.   We will talk more about this during Open House and certainly an open dialogue is welcomed and encouraged regarding your child’s success in our classroom.

Home Access Center

Home Access Center (HAC) is a browser-based student information system that allows you to view student registration, report card, attendance, discipline, transcript, success plan, course request, classwork, and scheduling information as it is entered in the school district’s database.  A parent reference book can be found here.

Florida Standards Assessment                                                                         FSA

 Students will be taking the FSA in the spring.
 Students will be tested in math,  reading, writing and science.
 We will be preparing all year and students will be well prepared for the test.