How I Became a Pirate!!

Learning to sail the high seas of learning is something these sweet kiddos have been working on this year!  This week we read “How I Became a Pirate” and celebrated “Talk Like a Pirate Day!” They were named OFFICIAL pirates on our Pirate Constitution day!! Each pirate drew a picture of themselves as a pirate and they came out SO CUTE!!! These pirate artists are still working on their portrait so I’ll post theirs next week!

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Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration!

I am so proud of this crew!  They have have been learning about the constitution of the United States and why it is important for us to have rules and laws.   We read LOTS of books about having good character & brainstormed how we would ALL get along together this year in our very own “Pirate Constitution!”  They even wrote a  Pirate Preamble to introduce and explain WHY we need the constitution.  Today was our day to celebrate!!


The crew celebrated talking like Pirates!

Mrs. Osgood painted pirate faces and dressed up the crew for the BIG event!!

We read & summarized Pirate Pete’s Talk like a Pirate!!Mrs. Jarrell & Mrs. Miller arrived to lead our Constitution Day celebration.

Our First Mate led reading the Constitution They passed out necklaces and rings! Each pirate took a turn to sign the constitution!   They got a compass to remind them the Constitution will help guide our way this year with how to treat each other!Mr. Elliot also signed our constitution!! We talked about the Constitution being our guide, but that we’ll make mistakes and learn from them all year long and that’s OK… that’s how we learn!Pirate GRUB time!!  We learned the REAL reason that Pirates wear eye patches!!Tracking our learning!! Silly pose!!The learning continued with partners naming their own pirate ship then building a catapult to protect their loot from Captain Blackbeard!  They launched their ship’s catapult three times and I’ve decided next time we need a BIGGER launch space.  They went SOOOOO FAR!! We ended the day creating pirate portraits which I will share in the next blog post!!

 At the end of the day it was time to go home and one pirate looked at me and said, “But I don’t want to leave, I want to stay!”  That melted this Captain’s Heart- so glad learning was SO exciting and can’t wait for the NEXT adventure!

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Our Cardinal Super Hero!!

Today is Patriot’s Day and we learned about the events that happened on September 11, 2001.  Of course the crew was not even born yet, so they watched a video you can find here in which a principal explains it to elementary students.  He really did an awesome job of sharing the sad parts, but also our strengths as citizens of the United States.  He encouraged students to celebrate the super heroes that keep us safe everyday like our fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, military, & more.  We celebrated our own Cardinal Super Hero  & World Changer that keeps us safe every day, Mr. Elliott by making him cards & cheering for him!  Thank you Mr. Elliott!!

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Crew picture!

Look at this super cute crew I get to spend this school year with sailing through 2nd grade!!


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All about ME museum

The Crew set up their own personal “museums” so that we could get to know each pirate better.  They did SUCH a good job choosing interesting things to share which created questions from the crew!!  It is SO awesome to see the unique personalities of each pirate!  So FUN to sail with each one!

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Saving Fred!!! First Rescue!

After Fred the Worm graduated from Nightcrawler Academy he set out to see the world!  Sadly, he had an accident on the Eagle River in Colorado while whitewater rafting.  THANK GOODNESS the Pirate crew was up for the challenge of helping Fred get back into his life preserver without using their hands (only paperclips) or stabbing Fred.  It was so fun to see their BUBBLE GUM brains at work…. persevering!! ‘

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Learning to use KIND words with toothpaste & and an apple!

These lessons are not only fun, they are memorable!!    

#1—-I challenged the crew to work as a group to get toothpaste out of the tube as fast as they could!  (They decided that was easy!) The next challenge was to get the toothpaste back into the tube!! They tried SO HARD!! (They decided it was too hard!)  Next, we read the book My Mouth is a Volcano  and they made the connection that they can easily let things come out of their mouth, but can’t take them back! The need to show kindness by not interrupting others special moments and thinking… practicing self control! The next day we read, Mr. Peabody’s Apples!  It’s a fabulous story that teaches an important lesson….if we say something that isn’t true about someone, the damage can’t always be repaired even with lots of hard work!  Again, we need to be kind and be careful about what we say.We said unkind things to the apple and when we opened it it was BRUISED!  That is similar to how others might feel if we do not speak in a kind way to them or even how we might feel if it happens to us!!   Powerful lessons!!

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Welcome Aboard Crew!!

I waited and waited and WAITED and the crew FINALLY arrived!! Here are super cute first day pictures!  
We started the day with Play-dough creations they made and shared to help us get to know each other better!  Game time!!  We did LOTS of “lets get to know each other” activities day ONE!!  Notice how they are already looking at each other, listening, and taking turns!! 

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World changing Pirates this Summer!!

Look at these pirates changing the world this summer!!  I’m so proud of them!! One pirate was picking up trash in Jacksonville and the other donated 15 inches of hair!! Love it- thanks for sharing parents!!

Drew is picking up trash!

Look at this hair cut!!
15 inches of love shared with someone else!

                                                                       Way to go World Changers!!


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Happy Birthday Pirate!

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