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Welcome to Mrs. Kee’s 7th Grade Math Class


Students will receive 5% of their grade from homework (completion), 20% of their grade from formative assessment (checking for understanding of current content), and 80% of their grade from summative assessment (tests that are designed to check for independent understanding of the material).

The breakdown for the district grading is as follows:

A= 90-100       B= 80-89      C= 70-79      D= 60-69      F= 59 and below

Students should monitor their grades on ESchool+ (HAC) periodically.  Note that your password is the same password that you use to log on to all school computers.

Contact Me:

Please feel free to contact me at any time throughout the year.  The best way to reach me is through email: [email protected]

Common Questions

Why is math different these days?

Why does math matter?  NOVA Math Video: 

Math Standards can be found by searching your class on the CPALMS site.

What if I’m absent?  Students are responsible for making up work when they are absent. Students should check the homework board in our room, Schoology, and ESchool+ to be sure they’ve caught up.  There are times that students have a lengthy absence.  Please email me if your child is going to miss more than two or three days so that we can pare the work down as much as possible during their recovery.

Online Textbook:

Go to:
Username: S###### (this is your student number)
Password: Windows Password (this is your animal name…)

Extra Help Sessions

During the 2017-2018 school year, extra help is available Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7-7:45 in Mrs. Kee’s room.  Please email at least a day before if a student will attend so that I can meet them at the locked school door by my room in the back of the school.  Students should be ready to ask specific questions so we can go over any problems that they found confusing.

Math Notebook

Students need a 1.5″ binder with five dividers, looseleaf paper, and graph paper.  All students must have pencils each class period.  Seventh graders must have a calculator every day during Semester 2.  Calculators are optional in the classroom Semester 1.

Homework and Late Work

All homework will be posted in the classroom and on Schoology.  Homework is intended for practice of skills introduced in class notes and activities, and many homework questions will show back up on formative and summative assessments.  Homework assignments are typically from our Go Math book or may be a skill-building worksheet.  Homework is assigned daily and is due at the start of the next class period when students will pair up to check answers and learn from any mistakes.

Test Retakes

If a student scores <70% on a test, they may retake that test after remediation.  Students should check that they have completed all homework and all relevant online practice materials before emailing Mrs. Kee to set up a time to retake a test on a Tuesday or Thursday before school.  Students may earn up to 70% on a test retake.  ANY TEST THAT A STUDENT WISHES TO RETAKE MUST BE MADE UP WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF THE ORIGINAL TEST to ensure that students don’t get too far behind on old skills.