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*Email Ms. Jasper:  [email protected]  *This is the best way to reach me!


Geometry Help Sessions:  Please check Schoology for days and times.  These change weekly and will be posted each Sunday evening.


Materials Needed-All Classes*

Tissues for classroom supply

Each day in class: 

Three-ring Binder with paper, 3 dividers
Pencils with erasers
Scientific Calculator- TI-30Xa-optional, but highly recommended

*Geometry (P4 and P5) needs two marble composition books (not spiral bound) specifically for Geometry and glue sticks

To be kept at home:
Graph Paper
Protractor, Compass

Wish List- If you are ordering from and trying to get your free shipping, please consider adding these whiteboard marker refills.  (It is on the WM site, and shipped through shoplet.)  They are a dollar each and I always need red, orange, black, green and/or blue.

Picture below:

pilot refill