How Can I Help You Today?

As a media paraprofessional, I work in the outstanding media center here at Pedro Menendez High School (PMHS). In my opinion, the library is the heart of the school, and I feel blessed to be a part of it. In 2015, Media Specialist Kate Neff won the coveted “Florida Power Libary School” designation, which is a testimony to our commitment to providing excellent services to our students.

In addition to my responsibilities in the media center, I assist parents with the Home Access Center (HAC).  If you need help in this area, please see my page that may answer questions you may have.  Additionally, I am the Volunteer Coordinator for PMHS.  If you are interested in volunteering here, please view my page on this topic.  Our district policy requires all visitors, as well as volunteers, to complete a School Access Form. I have included the link for you to electronically fill out the application on my volunteer page.

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