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Monthly Archive for February, 2019

February 25-March 1

This week we are still working on point of view, however we are moving into author’s point of view in nonfiction texts.  We will be reading a variety of articles and analyzing the author’s use of words and evidence to explain their point of view on a subject.  Please have your child work on the […]

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February 11-14

This week we are working on a new standard, point of view in fiction writing.  We will be looking at characters in a story and how they feel about one another based on their actions.  When reading with your child at night, ask them questions about the characters.  Do they like or dislike one another?  […]

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February 4-8

This week we are finishing up our unit on comparing and contrasting fiction stories.  We are concentrating on finding similarities and differences within books in a series.  If your kiddo reads Cam Jansen, Bad Guys, Magic Tree House, or Babysitters Club, have them compare and contrast the characters, setting, plot, and theme between two of […]

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