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Monthly Archive for January, 2019

January 28 – February 1

This week we will be transitioning from comparing and contrasting nonfiction to comparing and contrasting fiction.  The key here is that we are looking at characters who have been written in multiple books, like books in a series.  If your child has read lots of books from one series, have them compare and contrast the […]

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January 14-18

This week we are beginning our journey into comparing and contrasting two texts on the same topic.  We will be working with nonfiction texts, finding their differences and similarities.  Perhaps we will look at two texts, one about why kids should have digital textbooks in school and another text about why kids should still have […]

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January 7-11

This week we are finishing up our unit on parts of stories, poems, and plays, but we are finishing it by focusing on dramas.  There are so many parts to each of these three types of writing, but what the kiddos need to remember is that each part builds on the next.  For example, each […]

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