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Monthly Archive for September, 2018

October 1-5

In reading we are still working on text features.  We re using the different features to help us locate and better understand the meaning of the text.  The kids have their Reading Interactive Notebook if they’d like to study for the summative assessment this week. Please continue to have your kiddo study the vocabulary words […]

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September 24-28

This week we are starting our unit on text features and how we can use them to get a better understanding of the text we are reading.  Feel free to read a newspaper, or magazine article about a topic your child is interested in.  Have them point out what text features they see, and as […]

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September 10-14

We are working on illustrations and how they add to the characters, setting, and mood of a story.  Read a picture book to your child that they have never read before.  Hold the book so that your kiddo cannot see the pictures.  Ask them what they’re picturing.  What mood does it put them in? We […]

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September 4-7

This week we will be beginning our reading unit on how illustrations help the reader better understand the plot, characters and setting.  We will be introducing the unit with picture books then slowly we will begin to understand how mental pictures help us when we are reading chapter books.  Try reading a picture book with […]

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