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December 10-14

This week in reading we are moving into learning about the structure of stories, plays, and poems.  Dramas and poetry may be something new to your child so please have them work on the interactive videos on the “Pages” tab.  This will help them learn things like scenes, stanzas, rhythm and rhyme.

In math we are finishing up our unit on time, mass and volume.  The best practice to prepare for the summative would be working on IXL in the T section, as well as the working on the interactive videos for mass and volume.  Once we are finished with that unit we will move into connecting multiplication and division and word problems.

Please work with your child on their multiplication facts up to 9 x 9.  Reflex Math is a website that they can continue to use to build their knowledge.

This week we are going to experience the in school field trip of the planetarium.  This will fit in perfectly with the IMAX Hubble movie we saw on our last field trip!

We will be taking our next i-Ready assessments on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Please make sure they get plenty of rest and a good breakfast to prepare! 

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December 3-7

This week we are continuing to learn about recounting stories, especially fables, folktales, and myths, as well as learning their central message or moral.  Have your child get onto the interactive pages on the blog to practice these skills.

Please have your child work on Quizlet for their new words.

In math we are finishing up time to the minute and elapsed time and moving into estimating and measuring mass and volume.  This can be done at home using liters, grams, and other standard units of measure.  Have your child estimate the mass of an object.  How does it compare to the mass of another?  We have interactive videos on this skill as well, but please wait until it is introduced before playing them.

The Midwest test takes place this Friday so review those states!

This Thursday is our IMAX trip!  We have two chaperones who will be joining us.  Please make sure your child has a packed lunch in a Ziploc bag with their name on it.  Please do not put anything in their lunch that cannot be thrown away when lunch is over.

If you have not sent in the form for Adventure to Fitness that is happening this Friday, please do so ASAP.  Students who have no form or whose parent’s checked that they do NOT give consent to participate will not be able to go to the show.

A field trip slip came home about the in-school planetarium.  This is $8, so please send form and payment in as soon as possible.  This is such and amazing experience and I know your child will love it!

Resource: Monday-Art, Tuesday-Music, Thursday-none, Friday-PE

November 19-30

This short week is still a working week, can you believe it?  It’s amazing how much the kiddos are doing and learning each and every day.

In reading we are working on asking and answering questions.  We will be reviewing how to answer a RACES question, like the one on the tests!  After the break we will be moving into recounting folktales and fables, and finding the central message or moral.  Folktales and fables are so much fun and this is going to be a great unit for the kids to enjoy.

When your kiddo is reading at home, have them use sticky notes to mark where they find examples of character traits, major events in the story, when illustrations or pictures in their mind create a mood for the story, a funny moment, etc.  Have a conversation about what they marked in the book and check for understanding by having them recount the events.

In math we are moving into finding elapsed time.  This is a topic that you can absolutely work on at home!  Have your child read the clock.  A few minutes/hours later, ask them for the current time and ask them how much time has passed.  Last year, they had to know the time to the five minute mark.  Now the focus is telling time to the minute.

Don’t forget to start practicing the location of the next region, the Northeast.  The kids will get the packet on the 26th and they’ll be tested on the 30th.

The interactive videos have been updated for your kids to practice the newest reading and math skills.

Please start collecting their pledges from the Fun Run!

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-PE

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Break, and I will see the kids back on Monday, the 26th!

November 13-16

I hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing long weekend celebrating Veteran’s Day.  I will see the kiddos on Tuesday!

This week we are finishing up our unit on sequencing and cause and effect.  There will be a summative on Friday this week.  Please encourage your child to work on the packet I handed out last week, review their RINNY, as well as the interactive videos on the “Pages” links.

Please continue to study for the vocabulary test this coming Friday.

In math we are finishing up our unit on fraction on a number line both within one and greater than one.  The kids have been working hard every day to conquer this standard as they need to know how to use the fraction to draw the corresponding shape(s), as well as plot it on a number line.  Along with this, we are learning how to gather measurements and put them on a line plot.  There are interactive videos for this on the “Pages” link that the kids should be working on.  Also, IXL has terrific practice on its W levels.

Please continue to gather pledges for the Fun Run as the kids are so excited to gain prizes (as well as help the school)!  🙂

Resource: Tuesday-PE, Thursday-Art, Friday-Music

November 5-9

This week we are still working on sequencing and cause and effect in informational texts.  This is a great one to work on with your kiddo.  Have them read an article or simple non-fiction book, then have them tell you what happened in the order that it occurred.  If your child enjoys history have them look up the important dates in a favorite historical figure’s life and have them place those dates on a timeline.  Have them the life of the famous figure using their timeline.

There is new vocabulary so please check out Quizlet.

In math we are working on plotting fractions onto a number line with a value greater than one.  The family letters that were sent home last week regarding the current content explains the standards really well, as well as how you can help.

As always, if your child needs extra help in any subject please have them ask me for some practice pages!

The information regarding the Fun Run will be coming home this week so please check your child’s folder for specifics.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Computer Lab, Friday-Media

October 22-26

This week we will be finishing up our unit on finding the main idea and  key details of a text.  Don’t forget to have your kiddo get onto the class blog and go under the “Pages” icon so that  they can work on the interactive videos.  These videos will help them prepare for their upcoming main idea summative.  Also, a packet was sent home for the kids to complete last week and over the weekend.  Please have them turn that in this Tuesday for review.

In math we are beginning our unit on partitioning shapes into equal shares, as well as understanding fractions.  Please check your child’s planner for activities they can complete to help them build their understanding of what a fraction really is.

We do have WOW this Wednesday.  Please have your child wear an outfit that they will be comfortable in during the PE period.

This Week is Red Ribbon Spirit week!  Please have your child participate to show their support.

Monday: Proud to be an American: Wear Red, White and Blue

Tuesday: We Have Positive character from Head to Toe: Sill Hair/Hat and Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday: Where Everyone Belongs: Wear Orange for Unity Day

Thursday: Wild West on the Ridge, Make Smart Choices Partner: Wear Western Wear (no guns or rifles)


Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Wednesday-WOW, Thursday- Computer Lab, Friday-none

October 16-19

We are working on finding the main idea in reading for the next two weeks.  We will be reading many articles; looking for repeated words, key details, the topic, and what the author wants us to understand about the topic.

We are finishing up our unit on finding the area of a plane shape.  The kids have also been working on using the distributive property to find the area of irregular shapes.  Level E.7 on IXL has great practice for this skill.

On the class blog I have added two links under the “Pages” heading.  Here, there are videos and parent letters explaining the math and reading skills we are working on.  Have your kiddo get on the interactive videos to practice their skills at home.  The parent letters are under the math practice only.

Don’t forget, NO SCHOOL on MONDAY, THE 15th!

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October 8-12

This week we will be working on the DBQ that students in the St. Johns County School District are required to complete.  Our class will be working with Ms. Francis’ class to learn more about Cabeza De Vaca: How Did He Survive?

In math we are starting our unit on area.  We are learning all about what area is, as well as some quick ways to find the area in square units!  Level E.7 on IXL has great practice for this skill.

A new set of vocabulary has been given, so please get your child on Quizlet, or have them make flashcards to study.

Our Book Fair is this Tuesday, the 9th from 1:35-1:55.  If you would like to join your child at the fair, please make sure you are an approved volunteer and meet us in at the Book Fair!  If you do send money in, my rule of thumb is one special item only.  Most money should be spent on books.  Our Scholastic Books are almost here!  Check out this link to see what the Book Fair is offering: http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/2018-fall-es-video

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October 1-5

In reading we are still working on text features.  We re using the different features to help us locate and better understand the meaning of the text.  The kids have their Reading Interactive Notebook if they’d like to study for the summative assessment this week.

Please continue to have your kiddo study the vocabulary words using Quizlet or flash cards.  I sent home the words on Monday so that they had them on hand.  Quizlet is an interactive way for them to learn and have fun.

Your child needs to learn their multiplication facts of 0, 2, 5, and 10s.  Please work with them on flash cards to get that memorization down soon.  We are also working on division facts of 0, 2, 5, and 10.  I am teaching them that they are all related in fact families.  For example,  if they know  2 x 5=10, they should know that 10 ÷ 5 = 2, and     10 ÷ 2 = 5.

We are working on word problems involving division and multiplication.  The kids need to know if they have been given the whole and need to find the missing part (division), or are given two factors and need to find the product (multiplication).  The Math Interactive Notebook is a great place for them to review for the summative.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped our class earn 10,000 Scholastic points by ordering!  I can’t wait for the books to come in and we can continue reading!

Resource: Monday-Art, Tuesday- Music, Thursday-none, Friday-PE

September 24-28

This week we are starting our unit on text features and how we can use them to get a better understanding of the text we are reading.  Feel free to read a newspaper, or magazine article about a topic your child is interested in.  Have them point out what text features they see, and as you read, have them use the graphs, maps, pictures, and captions to explain their understanding.  You can pull out a book and have them look at the table of contents and ask them where they might find certain information based on chapter titles.

We do have vocabulary this week.  Have your child get on Quizlet to review.

In math we are still working on multiplication and division strategies.  I encourage all of the kids to take their interactive notebooks home (as long as they bring them back the next day) to review new and previous content.  It’s a great tool and I hope that they are using it.  Have your kiddo continue working in sections E and I on IXL.

If you were able to purchase supplies from the Sign Up Genius for the classroom, please send them in as soon as possible!

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