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April 23-27

This week we are in review mode as we prepare for our i-Ready reading assessment taking place this Thursday and Friday.  The kids will be working on skills that they have learned throughout the year, solidifying their knowledge and clearing up any confusion.

Keep working on their WTW words, finding other words that may go in each category.  BINGO and assessment are this Wednesday.

In math we are finishing up word problems and reviewing balancing equations.  The kids have worked very hard all year on these skills and they will be able to show off their knowledge next week.  Please have your child work on any IXL sections as review.

Resource: Monday-Music, Tuesday-PE, Thursday-none, Friday-Media (be sure to return any books!)

April 16-20

This week we are learning how to use context clues in order to find out what unknown words mean.  The kids are already getting wonderful practice as we dive into our read aloud, discussing words that they do not know and enhancing their vocabulary.  Please practice this at home by finding articles or books that your kiddo could read, having them highlight the words they do not know, and using the words and pictures to help them find the clues to learn what the word means!

Keep practicing the WTW words.  All BINGO assignments are due on Wednesday!

In math we are breaking down word problems, trying to find out what the story is about before we even look at the numbers.  Have your child work on the IXL levels assigned to them, as well as the packet that was sent home last week.

All Recycled Fashion Show items are due this Wednesday, the 18th!

Resource: Monday-Music, Tuesday-PE. Thursday-none, Friday-Technology

April 9-13

This week we will be reviewing previous standards in preparation for the final i-Ready assessment.  We will be going back into poetry, finding the main idea, using text features, finding point of view and more!  Keep reading with your child at home, asking them questions and enjoying what every good book has to offer…. An amazing journey!

Please keep working with your child on their Words Their Way word sort.  Have them try coming up with other words that would go in their sort!

In math we are working on both one and two-step word problems.  This can be something that the kiddos find challenging, but remind them of their “CUBES” strategy.

Make sure your child is working on their Recycled Accessories before they are due on the 18th!

Resource: Monday-Music, Tuesday-PE, Thursday-none, Friday-Media

April 2-6

This week we are working on asking and answering questions in fictional writing.  The kids will be focusing on one book of their choice, coming up with questions and working with other students to find the answers.  This is so easy to do at home with your nightly reading.  Ask your child questions about the content, and probe for deeper thinking.

The kids will be given their new words for Words Their Way this week and testing will be the following Wednesday.

In math we continue working with measurement.  We will be measuring the lengths of multiple objects and finding the difference.  Ask you child to tell you about their measurement body benchmarks!

Resource: Monday-Art; Tuesday- PE; Thursday-none; Friday-Technology

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Spring Break!

March 19-23

This week starts the fourth quarter!  It is hard to believe, but this time goes by so quickly.

In reading we are working on asking and answering questions in nonfiction text.  It is as easy as picking up a Scholastic News and having your child create and answer questions based on the text.  Read a nonfiction book with your kiddo and ask them questions like: who, what when, where, why and how.

Keep working on the Words Their Way BINGO due Wednesday.

In math we are venturing back into the world of measurement.  We will be working on estimating lengths in both customary and metric units.  IXL levels S.2, S.3, S.8 and S.9 are great ways for the kids to practice their skills!

This week we have the Book Fair.  Our day is Tuesday the 20th from 11:20-11:40.  I will be picking up the kids a little early from lunch and walking them to the stage to make their purchases.  If you would like to meet us on the stage that would be great, or you could join your child for lunch and then walk with us to the Book Fair!  If you can’t join us simply put your child’s money in an envelope with their name on it.  You may want to look at the flyer that came home last week to help your child pick out a few books before we go.

Also, all Egg Habitats are due this Thursday the 22nd!

Resource: Monday-Music, Tuesday-PE, Thursday-none, Friday-Media

Spring Break is March 26-30.  Kids return on Monday, April 2nd.  Be safe and have fun!

March 12-15

A quick reminder that we have no school this Friday, the 16th because of a teacher planning day!

In reading we are finishing our habitat brochures using text features.  When completed, the kids will be comparing and contrasting their habitat brochures with another student’s, with a heavy emphasis on how the other student used text features and how that helped them understand their content more clearly.

Please work with your child on their WTW sort, coming up with other words that could fit in that specific column.  All BINGO activities are due on Wednesday.

In math we are finishing up arrays and partitioning.  Our assessment will be on Wednesday and Thursday.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Techology

Coming home is your child’s Egg Habitat Project.  I have provided the egg that you child needs to use and turn into their animal.  When picking out which habitat the kids wanted to research, the kids knew that they needed to pick an animal that went with their habitat.  In past years I have found that using a shoe box is the easiest way to contain and transport the habitat to and from school.  This is a great opportunity to get creative!  All projects are due on Thursday, the 22nd!

March 5-9

We had a wonderful time at the IMAX!  I want to thank all of the chaperones who joined us and helped make this field trip a memorable one.

In reading this week we are moving back into text features in nonfiction text.  We will be reviewing previous content and using our knowledge to create a brochure about habitats.  The kids will be researching a specific habitat, finding out about the weather, animals and conditions that make that habitat special.  They will use their research to create a brochure using text features to organize the content.  The kids will then compare and contrast their brochures with another students, looking not only at the information in their brochure, but the text features that they used.

In math we are working on arrays.  The kids are learning the difference between rows and columns, and how to match arrays with the correct repeated addition sentences.  We will also be moving into partitioning arrays which can be a bit more tricky.  The kids are given an array with squares missing and, using a ruler, the kids will have to figure out how many squares are missing and then find the total number of squares in the array.

Please continue to work with your child’s sort and talk about why certain words fit in each category.  Come up with other words that might fit in the sort!  All BINGO activities are due this Wednesday.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Media, Friday-Art

February 26-March 2

This Tuesday is our trip to the IMAX!  Please make sure that you pack your child’s lunch in a clear Ziploc bag with their name on it.  If you are chaperoning, I will email you what you need to do before arriving at the IMAX theater.

In reading we are continuing to learn about the author’s purpose.  Why did the author write this nonfiction text?  Was it to answer a question, describe a topic or explain how something is done or how it changes?  The kids should be able to tell you why they think that the author’s response is what they think it is.  It is very important that the kids are using evidence from the text to support their answer!

Make sure that the kids are working on their WTW BINGO assignments.  BINGO will be due Thursday this week due to WOW on Wednesday.  The test will be on Thursday this week, as well.

In math we are working on arrays.  This really sets the foundation for multiplication.  The kids are expected to be able to identify rows and columns and tell the two repeated addition sentences that correlate with the array.  Level Y1 on IXL will help the kiddos.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Technology, Friday-Music

February 20-23

No School on Monday!  Happy President’s Day!

On Tuesday we begin our unit on finding the author’s purpose in a text.  Is the author describing something, answering a question or explaining how to do something?  If you have any nonfiction texts around the house, read them with your child and ask them why the author wrote the book, passage or article.

Keep working on Words Their Way (WTW).  All BINGO activities are due on Wednesday.

In math we are learning what makes a number even or odd.  The kids need to be able to explain why a number is even or odd.  IXL levels A.9 through A.13 will help!

Resource: Tuesday-none, Thursday-Media, Friday-Art

February 12-16

This week we continue to learn about connections in nonfiction texts.  We are focusing this week on historical texts, finding words that help us connect events and help us understand why they are important.  For example, last week we learned about emperor penguins and their life cycle.  We asked questions like: why is it important to know that the mom and dad protect the egg?  What would happen if the dad left the egg?  Would the egg become an adult?  Why is each step in a life cycle important?

Remember to keep working on the Words Their Way (WTW) sorts at home.  Have your child explain why the words are in each category.  Are their certain categories where the words have the same vowel sound?  All BINGO activities are due WEDNESDAY.  If the kids do not turn it in on time they lose minutes off of Fun Friday.  Thank you for your support as I continue to try to teach the kids personal responsibility.

In math we are working on writing out an explanation when solving math problems. The kids need to use math vocabulary words such as: strategy, HTO, decomposing strategy, arrow way, number line, base ten blocks, commutative property, associative property, identity property, regroup, place value, hundreds, tens, ones, compose, decompose, addition, subtraction.  Have your child solve an addition or subtraction problem within 1,000 (405-371) and then have them write HOW they solved it using some of the words listed above!

On Wednesday we will be exchanging Valentines.  I will send home a list of the kids’ names in the class.  We will be making bags in class, so all the kids need to bring are the Valentines!

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-Technology, Thursday-Music, Friday-PE

If you can donate, the class is in need of Lysol spray (lavender if possible as it’s the least strong of the the smells)!  Anything to help keep the germs away!!!

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