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October 16-19

We are working on finding the main idea in reading for the next two weeks.  We will be reading many articles; looking for repeated words, key details, the topic, and what the author wants us to understand about the topic.

We are finishing up our unit on finding the area of a plane shape.  The kids have also been working on using the distributive property to find the area of irregular shapes.  Level E.7 on IXL has great practice for this skill.

On the class blog I have added two links under the “Pages” heading.  Here, there are videos and parent letters explaining the math and reading skills we are working on.  Have your kiddo get on the interactive videos to practice their skills at home.  The parent letters are under the math practice only.

Don’t forget, NO SCHOOL on MONDAY, THE 15th!

Resource: Tuesday-Art, Thursday-Music, Friday-none

October 8-12

This week we will be working on the DBQ that students in the St. Johns County School District are required to complete.  Our class will be working with Ms. Francis’ class to learn more about Cabeza De Vaca: How Did He Survive?

In math we are starting our unit on area.  We are learning all about what area is, as well as some quick ways to find the area in square units!  Level E.7 on IXL has great practice for this skill.

A new set of vocabulary has been given, so please get your child on Quizlet, or have them make flashcards to study.

Our Book Fair is this Tuesday, the 9th from 1:35-1:55.  If you would like to join your child at the fair, please make sure you are an approved volunteer and meet us in at the Book Fair!  If you do send money in, my rule of thumb is one special item only.  Most money should be spent on books.  Our Scholastic Books are almost here!  Check out this link to see what the Book Fair is offering: http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/2018-fall-es-video

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-Computer, Thursday-Media, Friday-PE

October 1-5

In reading we are still working on text features.  We re using the different features to help us locate and better understand the meaning of the text.  The kids have their Reading Interactive Notebook if they’d like to study for the summative assessment this week.

Please continue to have your kiddo study the vocabulary words using Quizlet or flash cards.  I sent home the words on Monday so that they had them on hand.  Quizlet is an interactive way for them to learn and have fun.

Your child needs to learn their multiplication facts of 0, 2, 5, and 10s.  Please work with them on flash cards to get that memorization down soon.  We are also working on division facts of 0, 2, 5, and 10.  I am teaching them that they are all related in fact families.  For example,  if they know  2 x 5=10, they should know that 10 ÷ 5 = 2, and     10 ÷ 2 = 5.

We are working on word problems involving division and multiplication.  The kids need to know if they have been given the whole and need to find the missing part (division), or are given two factors and need to find the product (multiplication).  The Math Interactive Notebook is a great place for them to review for the summative.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped our class earn 10,000 Scholastic points by ordering!  I can’t wait for the books to come in and we can continue reading!

Resource: Monday-Art, Tuesday- Music, Thursday-none, Friday-PE

September 24-28

This week we are starting our unit on text features and how we can use them to get a better understanding of the text we are reading.  Feel free to read a newspaper, or magazine article about a topic your child is interested in.  Have them point out what text features they see, and as you read, have them use the graphs, maps, pictures, and captions to explain their understanding.  You can pull out a book and have them look at the table of contents and ask them where they might find certain information based on chapter titles.

We do have vocabulary this week.  Have your child get on Quizlet to review.

In math we are still working on multiplication and division strategies.  I encourage all of the kids to take their interactive notebooks home (as long as they bring them back the next day) to review new and previous content.  It’s a great tool and I hope that they are using it.  Have your kiddo continue working in sections E and I on IXL.

If you were able to purchase supplies from the Sign Up Genius for the classroom, please send them in as soon as possible!

Resource: Monday- none, Tuesday- computer, Thursday-Media, Friday-PE

September 10-14

We are working on illustrations and how they add to the characters, setting, and mood of a story.  Read a picture book to your child that they have never read before.  Hold the book so that your kiddo cannot see the pictures.  Ask them what they’re picturing.  What mood does it put them in?

We have vocabulary this week.  Please use the Quizlet link to study.

In math we are finishing up our first unit on place value, adding and subtracting two, three-digit numbers, rounding, and perimeter.  There are lots of sections on IXL that can help your kiddo prepare.  I have also offered them the opportunity for me to give them some practice pages, but that request needs to come from them because I am trying to teach personal responsibility.  We will be testing on Tuesday.

We will also be taking our continents/oceans/maps test this week.

Epic! is a site that is only available to the kids during school hours.  If your child is in extended day, or gets home right after school and they can get on, that’s great.  Otherwise, it will be something that we work on in class.

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-Computer Lab, Thursday-Media, Friday-PE

September 4-7

This week we will be beginning our reading unit on how illustrations help the reader better understand the plot, characters and setting.  We will be introducing the unit with picture books then slowly we will begin to understand how mental pictures help us when we are reading chapter books.  Try reading a picture book with your child.  Show them the pictures on the page at first, then as you move through the book take the book away and ask them what they are picturing in their minds.  Have them compare their mental picture with the actual picture.  How are they alike and different?

In skills we will be taking our common and proper nouns formative and moving into the verb unit.

There is no vocabulary this week.

In math we are finishing up the first unit on place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping, rounding and perimeter.  Please review these skills with your child as the planned summative is this Friday or following Monday.  More information to come in the planner.

In social studies we are learning map skills.  We are learning about how the key, legend and compass rose help us read maps.  We will be learning about map grids and the different hemispheres the world has.  Pull out some maps at home and have your kiddo practice using the scale to find distances between cities.  We will have a formative assessment this Friday.

WOW is this Wednesday.  The kids will be in different resources that day.

Resource: Tuesday-Music, Thursday-none, Friday-PE

August 26-31

This week we are finishing up describing character traits and preparing for our test.  Ask the kids to tell you about the FAST acronym that we learned.  Also, the kids have been using their “PICK” book to learn the strategy.  Have them tell you all about their choice book.

In skills we are finishing up common and proper nouns and moving into verbs.

Please look for the vocabulary list in your child’s new white Take Home folder.  We will discuss the prefixes and content words in class.  In the links you will find a link to the Quizlet created for the kids to practice their words.

In math we are rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.  IXL has some great sections on this and I have uploaded Prodigy to include these skills.  Give you child a number and have them round it to the nearest ten or hundred.

Resource: Monday-Computer, Tuesday-none, Thursday-PE, Friday-Art; Tuesday (4): Music, Thursday-none, Friday-PE

Please work on the salt dough, due this Wednesday the 29th, along with the piece of cardboard. 

Open House is this Thursday, the 30th.  Meet me in the classroom (P10) and then we can head down to the cafeteria for the third grade presentation.

I have emailed all parents the newsletter and salt dough recipe.  If you did not receive this, please let me know so that I can update your email in my system.

Lastly, I sent home the Scholastic Book order forms with the kids on Friday.  I have told them that for every book they purchase they will earn a dollar in class.  September is the month where if we get enough orders we earn 10,000 points to purchase books in class.  The online code for our class is R93X6, and all orders need to be placed by September 21st.  Thank you in advance!! 🙂  https://clubs.scholastic.com/

August 13-24

The next two weeks we will be reviewing second grade content and learning our rituals and routines.

In reading we are learning about describing characters based on their traits.  How do the actions and events in the story affect the main character?  Do their traits change over the course of the story?  What event or events cause that?  These are all questions you can ask your child at home when you read with them.

In math we are reviewing previous strategies, as well as learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten or hundred.  On IXL sections B and P cover these standards.

We are also reviewing nouns and proper nouns and how they are used in sentences.

Please make sure that you send in $5 for the planner if you have not already done so.  Also, please send in the field trip shirt money.

Pictures are this Friday!  Please send in the form if you’d like individual pictures of your child.

Your child has now started filling out their planner. Please check this daily to make sure that you and your child are aware of upcoming events, and resources.  Check and see when the Salt Dough is due!  Also, their passwords for the websites are located in their yellow folder.  Please be sure to send the password sheet, yellow folder, and planner in daily.

Resources: Monday: Computer Lab, Tuesday: none, Thursday:PE, Friday: Art; Monday the 20th: Music, Tuesday-none, Thursday: PE, Friday: none

Welcome Back!

Hello Students and Parents,

I am so excited to be teaching third grade this year!  Please save this link and tune in to get updates on what’s going on in the classroom and how you can better help your child at home.  I look forward to an amazing year with you and I cannot wait to get started.  I will see you at Meet the Teacher on Thursday, from 10:45-11:45.  Come on in and meet me!

Thank you so much,

Ashley Hoffmann