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May 13-17

This week we will be continuing to read The Lemonade War, analyzing character development and plot.  The kids really enjoy reading this and, just so you know, there are more books in the series.  It would be a great series for the summer!

In math we are reviewing all standards, focusing on areas needing a bit of improvement according to i-Ready data.  Your child’s math results will be sent home next week.  🙂

We will be heading down to St. Augustine on Friday for our Amazing Race field trip!  The kiddos are super excited, and I am so happy that so many parents are able to join us.  More information regarding lunches and other quick tips will be coming to you throughout the week.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Computer Lab, Friday-none

May 6-10

We had so much fun at our Cinco de Mayo celebration this Friday!  The kids were able to travel with their “flight” to Mexico, where they were able to learn more about the culture and history, and make their very own maracas to take home as a souvenir.

This week we take our Math FSA.  This will take place on Monday and Tuesday, so please make sure your child is well rested and fed when they come to school.  Please have your child complete the math packet sent home over the weekend to review skills before the test.

We continue to work on spiraling the reading standards, as we complete a novel study of The Lemonade War.  We have some fun activities coming up that involve reading, math, and working together with peers to sell the their very own brand of lemonade.  More information to come.  🙂

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to send in snacks, drinks, and mints for our testing experiences this year.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-Art, Thursday-Music, Friday-none

April 29-May 3

This week in reading we are starting a literature unit.  Every day we will read some of the novel and answer questions that correspond.  The kids will be getting inspiration for a future genius hour.

In math we continue to spiral standards, visiting the ones that students need to have extra practice with.  They will continue working in their baskets on specific skills they showed a need for.  The kiddos will be bringing home math packets that will be a mix of skills, much like the upcoming FSA.

Thank you for sending in the field trip forms.  I have started a list of parents who have chosen to join us that day.  Please remember that in order to chaperone this trip you must be a district approved volunteer.

Our Cinco de Mayo celebration is this Friday!  Each child will get two tacos, chips and salsa.  Please provide your child with any other food items they may want with their meal.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday- none, Thursday-computer lab, Friday-Media

April 22-26

In reading we continue to spiral standards and close any gaps found on the i-Ready assessment.  We will be doing some in school projects that will open up your child’s creative side.

I gave the students a practice test for math on Thursday for weekend homework.  They need to complete it and turn it in on Monday.  This is great practice for our upcoming i-Ready and FSA.  Please remind the kiddos to circle the items they struggled with so that I can help them on Monday.

Also, for the upcoming field trip any parent is welcome to join us so long as you are an approved volunteer.  Yellow passes will be given out to parents who send in the forms and are approved volunteers.  Please send in your child’s permission slip and money due as soon as possible.

Please send in the $5 for Cinco de Mayo as a separate payment, not included with the field trip payment.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-Art, Thursday-Music, Friday-none

April 15-18

This week in reading we are spiraling through all standards.  We are going to be taking formatives and summatives that assess your child’s knowledge on all third grade skills.

I am so proud of the kids as they finished all components of the third grade district and state-wide assessments.  Your child will be bringing home their i-Ready reading data this week.  Please look at their awesome growth!

In math we are finishing up the geometry unit.  They will be taking one last formative and summative to close up unit 13.  Please have them get onto the interactive videos and IXL to review the geometry, perimeter, and area standards.

Please keep in mind that this Wednesday both their poster and items they created are due in preparation of Market Day.  Refer to the email sent out on Thursday about how the poster should be done.  The kids are really excited for this and I am sure Thursday will be a great day!

Please encourage your child to review all of the math interactive videos, as well as their orange and red bubbles on USATestprep under the Math section.  We will be taking the math i-Ready on Tuesday the 23rd, and Wednesday the 24th.  The math FSA will take place on Monday the 6th of May, and Tuesday the 7th.

Resource: Monday-Computer Lab, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Media

Reminder: There is NO SCHOOL on FRIDAY!  🙂

April 8-12

This week we will be reviewing all reading standards to prepare for the i-Ready reading assessment that will take place this Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is an important test as it serves as a back-up score for your child’s FSA.  Thank you to everyone who has signed up for sending in snacks, mints, and drinks for before the testing.  That really helps set the kids up for their best chance!

We are beginning our review of all of or math standards once the i-Ready reading is complete.  We will finish up our unit on geometry unit this week, so please check your child’s planner for dates of assessments.  Also, have them work on the interactive videos under the Pages tab for Unit 13!

The Reading FSA is now behind us and I think I can speak for us all when we finally get to exhale!  I couldn’t be more proud of the kids and the efforts they have put in the past months.  We still have i-Ready reading, i-Ready math, and the Math FSA, but seeing the kids and how well they handled the Reading FSA, I am confident the kiddos will continue to use their strategies and shine!

Testing Remaining:

Tuesday, April 9th: i-Ready Reading (computer based)

Wednesday, April 10th: i-Ready Reading (computer based)

Tuesday, April 23rd: i-Ready Math (computer based)

Wednesday, April 24th: i-Ready Math (computer based)

Monday, May 6th: Math FSA (paper based)

Tuesday, May 7th: Math FSA (paper based)

Please continue to encourage your child to review the interactive math videos which is a great review tool.  USATestprep is also something that your child can use to review standards that they personally need to work on.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Market Day is quickly approaching and will take place Thursday, the 18th of this month.  Please make sure your child fills out their business plan and turns it in ASAP!  Please refer to the packet sent home on Friday for details about the expectations and guidelines.  Please email me if you have any questions.

Resource: Monday-Art, Tuesday-Music, Thursday-none, Friday-PE

April 1-5

Hi Families!  This week we are spiraling standards and reviewing content to fill in any last minute gaps.  I am sending home the practice FSA we took last week.  Please be aware that this assessment was much longer and more difficult than the FSA should be.  Check it over and talk to your child about question types and going back into the passage for evidence.  Have them tell you about our testing strategies (read the questions before, label type of question, underline evidence in the text, etc.).

There are no vocabulary words this week.  However, in their RINNY (Reading Interactive Notebook) are academic words I want them to review.  Their RINNY is full of great standards to review!

In math we are beginning Unit 13, which is all about shapes, their attributes, and finding area and perimeter.  Please have your child work on the interactive videos on the Pages tab.

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-computer lab, Thursday-Media, Friday-PE

The FSA for reading takes place this Thursday and Friday.  Please be sure that your child gets a great nights sleep and a delicious breakfast the mornings before.  

Our i-Ready reading computer-based assessment will take place the following Tuesday and Wednesday, the 9th and 10th of April.  

March 11-14

This week we begin our spiral review to prepare the kiddos for the upcoming FSA.  We will be reviewing all reading standards in an effort to fill any last minute gaps that they may have.  Please have your child login to USATestprep and complete the assignments.  This is a terrific tool for your child to use to review skills taught throughout the year.

There are no vocabulary words.

In math we are finishing up units 10 and 11 on finding equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.  Please have your child use the “Pages” tab and complete the interactive math links for units 10 and 11.  We will have our summative this week.

The Spring Book Fair is this Monday, the 11th, from 1:25 to 1:45.  You are welcome to meet us there to help your child make their purchases.

Just a reminder that there will be no school on Friday, the 15th, as it is a Teacher Planning Day.  The following week is Spring Break!

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-Computer Lab, Thursday-Media

March 4-8

This week we will be finishing up author’s point of view in nonfiction texts.  The summative will be on Friday.  After that we will be moving into the review of all standards as we prepare for the FSA.

New words will be on Quizlet with a test on Thursday, the 14th.

In math we are working on comparing fractions.  We will be looking at many different fractions, trying to find which one represents a greater, less than, or equal amount.  Please work on the interactive videos for extra help!

Resource: Monday-Music, Tuesday-none, Thursday-PE, Friday-none

February 25-March 1

This week we are still working on point of view, however we are moving into author’s point of view in nonfiction texts.  We will be reading a variety of articles and analyzing the author’s use of words and evidence to explain their point of view on a subject.  Please have your child work on the interactive videos!

Keep working on Quizlet for the vocabulary test this Friday, the 1st.

In math we are moving into units 10 and 11, finding equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions.  We will be working on this unit for two weeks.  The interactive videos will really help your kiddo better understand the concept, and help them practice what they are learning.  IXL has sections “X” and “Y” that the kids can be working on for additional support, as well.

Resource: Monday-computer lab, Tuesday- Media, Thursday-PE, Friday-Art

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