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January 22-26

This week we begin our unit exploring stories where characters have different points of view.  There are so many stories that you can read with your child including any three little pig stories.  How do the pigs view the challenge versus the wolf?  Why are their points of view different?

Spelling: Test on sort 4 this Wednesday.  Please keep working on the BINGO activities.   All activities are due Wednesday attached to the BINGO chart.  In an effort to teach the kids personal responsibility, when the kids turn in their BINGO assignments they earn Fun Friday in class.

Resource: Monday-Media, Tuesday-Art, Thursday-PE, Friday-none

Please note that we will be taking our math i-Ready on Thursday and Friday of this week!

Literacy Week This Week!  Here are the days:

Monday– Crazy About Reading: Wear crazy socks

Tuesday– Reading Can Take You Anywhere: Wear a shirt from the favorite place you have visited

Wednesday– Wild About Books: Wear your hair in a wild way

Also, this is the day of the Literacy Parade for second grade.  You can send your child in wearing an outfit from their favorite story.  Have them bring the book so that when we parade around the front loop, they can hold the book so kids know what story they are from!  If you would like your child to change clothes after the parade, please send a change of clothes with them in their backpacks.  Parents are invited to join us, it begins at 8:45!

Thursday– Reading is Better With a Friend: Dress like a friend

Friday-Hawks Love to Read: Wear VRA gear

Also, there will be a Literacy Night Event tonight, the Super Hero Reading Adventure from 5:30-7:30- enjoy book BINGO, super hero photo both, literacy games and more!

January 16-19

I hope that you have a wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

This week we are continuing to break down poems and learn how to appreciate the different elements of poetry.  We will be writing some of our very own poems this week, as well!

In math the kids are also taking their knowledge of two dimensional shapes and their attributes and applying that knowledge to three dimensional shapes.  They will also be moving into partitioning shapes into equal shares using the terms halves, thirds and fourths.  Make sure to work on IXL levels T and U!

Resource: Tuesday-Music, Thursday-PE, Friday-none

January 8-12

Welcome back!

This week we are starting our unit on poetry.  We will be learning many of the elements of poems (rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, repeated lines, etc.) to find the central meaning of the poem, or the message that the author was trying to get across.  This would be a great time to pull out your favorite poems and discuss them with your child.  Where the Sidewalk Ends is always a favorite of the kids!

In math we will be reviewing previous standards and then moving into shapes and their attributes.  We will also be learning how to partition shapes into equal parts using the words halves, thirds and fourths.

Resource: Monday-art, Tuesday-PE, WOW Wednesday-PE, Thursday- none, Friday- technology

Please make sure that your child is wearing lots of layers, especially on those cold days!

Remember there will be no school on Monday, the 15th!

December 18-21

This week we are finishing up our unit on finding how an author supports articles with details.  The kids have been working on this and finding the main idea and they are becoming real experts!

No spelling this week!

In math we are closing out the unit on line plots, bar graphs, picture graphs and balancing equations.  This has been a long one but the kiddos are able to answer questions about graphs and understand how to make one themselves.

Don’t forget Thursday is early release at 1:50.

I hope that you all have a wonderful break.  Please rest, have fun and bring in the New Year safely.  I am so grateful for your support and look forward to the second semester!

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Media

December 11-15

This week we are working on finding key details that support an author’s writing.  We will be incorporating that into main idea and how the writer uses specific details to help their argument.

Work on Words Their Way word sorts!  The test will be on Friday this week due to i-Ready testing Wednesday and Thursday.

In math we are moving into graphing.  We will start with line plots, using measurements we take to plot onto a line plot and answering questions based on the graph that we create.  IXL: R.5 and R.6

We will be taking our i-Ready assessment for reading on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  Please make sure your child is well rested and full.

Please send in a picture of your child face that fits inside a 1” ring.  I sent an email with more details.  This will be used for a gift that I am making for the kiddos!  All pictures need to be in by Friday, the 15th.

December 4-8

We continue to search for the main idea of informational text this week.  We have learned many strategies to break down an article to find the topic, and now we’re working on finding the main idea.  What is the author trying to tell us about the topic?  Make sure not to start the main idea with a question word!

Spelling Words: Words Their Way pattern tested Wednesday.

In math we are balancing equations!  This can be a difficult concept to grasp, but if the kids have a solid understanding of part/part/whole, then they’ll understand balancing equations soon enough.  Some examples include: 13 + 9 = 65 – x;  4 + 7 + 9 = x – 9;  x + 15 = 33 – 2

We go to the Holiday Shoppe this Tuesday.  If you would like your child to purchase some items please send in the Holiday Shoppe envelope with an estimate of how much they should spend on each person that they are shopping for.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday- Media, Friday-Art

This week we are starting to find the main topic of a multi-paragraph text.  The kids will be learning how to break apart a paragraph, looking at the first sentence, repeated words, and how to find the topic vs. main idea.  A big thing that we focus on is how a topic is one or two words, and the main idea is a sentence that does NOT begin with a question word (how, what, why, etc.).

Please read the letter that came home with your child about the new spelling program we are starting.

In math we are working on adding and subtracting 10 or 100 to a number mentally.  Now that we have learned about place value, the kids should know that when adding and subtracting 10 to a number, they usually just need to look at then tens place.  When adding and subtracting 100 they need to focus on the hundreds place.

We will be starting Genius Hour this week.  Talk to your child about a topic they are really interested in and would like to research here at school.  They can present the information in any form that they wish, giving them artistic freedom and allowing them to explore other ways to teach the class about their topic.  The majority of this work will be done in class!

Our day for the next reading i-Ready assessment is on the 13th and 14th of December.  Math will be taken after the break. 

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Technology, Friday-Music

November 20-21

This week is review and we will be enjoying some seasonal activities.  Please have a wonderful and safe break and soak up some much needed rest!

November 13-17

This week in reading we continue to read fairytales from different cultures and search for similarities and differences between versions of the same story.  We are still focusing on versions of Cinderella, and I encourage you to ask your child about The Rough Face Girl, Adelita and The Golden Sandal.

Spelling Words: These are review words and we are giving all of the words this week!

  1. shopped
  2. singing
  3. boat
  4. lake
  5. turkey
  6. pound
  7. butter
  8. town
  9. pause
  10. enjoy

In math this week we are learning about numbers in their many forms.  The kids will be learning about expanded form, number names and base ten numerals.  We are also going to be comparing and contrasting numbers in those different forms.  For example 70+300+2 is greater than/less than/equal to 732?

Resource: Monday- Technology, Tuesday-Music, Thursday-PE, Friday-none

November 6-10

What an amazing Fun Run!  It was such an awesome effort from the PTO and volunteers!  A big thank you to everybody who worked with the kids to raise money for VRA!

In reading this week we will be diving into the world of fairytales.  We will be reading the same story from different cultures around the world.  Our big focus is on different versions of Cinderella and finding similarities and differences between them all.

Spelling Words: Our pattern this week is adding -ed to the end of words.  Remember, if the vowel makes its short sound there are two consonants before the suffix.  If the vowel makes its long sound there is only one consonant before the suffix.

  1. traded
  2. yelled
  3. hopped
  4. hoped
  5. chatted

In math we continue to learn place value.  We are learning how 713 can be thought of 7 hundreds, and 13 ones; 71 tens and 3 ones; 6 hundreds, 10 tens and 13 ones, etc.  There is so much to learn and level “M” on IXL can really help the kids!

Resource: Monday-Media, Tuesday-Art, Thursday-PE, Friday-none

Our field trip to the Old Florida Museum is on Tuesday this week.  Please make sure to send your child to school with comfy shoes, and their lunch in a Ziploc bag with their name on it.  They will change into their field trip shirt when they get to school.  🙂

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