Psychology I/II


Welcome to my psychology class. I am excited to get to know you as well teach you a course from which many find to be a very fascinating subject.

This course is considered to be an elective and will count as .5 credits. Most who take this introductory course will also continue on to Psychology II during the second semester.

Below you will find the course syllabus for this year.

psych I and II syllabus 2015 2016


Listed below you will find the order I plan to cover the material for the psych I course. They may not always align with the order of the text.

Orientation of Psychology

Methods and research





Abnormal Psych and Therapies

Below are the Power Points that we discuss in class. For now or until otherwise noted, feel free to either print them or write them out. It will be a part of your notebook check. You will need to have them copied (I would recommend copying front and back to save paper) and brought to class by the time we start the chapter in class.

Thinking Critically with Psychological Science



Cognition and language

Psych I abnormal Psych Notes

Psych I Therapy Notes


Intelligence and Testing

Social Psych

Notes for Motivation and work

Ch. 12 Emotions, Stress and Health

Bio Psych

Sensation and Perception part 1

       Sensation and Perception part 2

States of Consciousness