Mr. Hensley’s Bio

A little about me:

I am a native to Jacksonville, Florida and was raised in the Hendricks/San Marco area. I attended Hendricks Ave Elementary, Pine Forest 5/6th grade center, Landon Middle and Englewood High Schools. I am very proud to have come back to my roots after having served in the United States Air Force in Belleview, Nebraska and finished my collegiate studies from Urbana University in Urbana, Ohio.


I have a beautiful wife, Angie who is also employed by the district and together we have two awesome young boys of our own. Tanner (6) and Trevor (3). Together we live in St. Johns county and would find it hard to find a better place to raise a family.

Summer 2012 103

My Profession:

This year will mark my 13th year as a high school teacher in St. Johns County, Florida. Overall this will be my 9th year at Nease. I am currently and for most of my time as a teacher I have been involved with the Nease baseball program. I am blessed to teach a game that I have always had passion for to young high schoolers who share that same passion.

The best part of being a teacher and coach in St. Johns County is that I know I am working with some of the best kids in the state of Florida. I watch them graduate every year and enter awesome colleges and great careers. They become doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc… I know that when they leave here, they are headed for a bright future. It is even better when they return to say hello and catch you up on their lives. There is no better feeling to see a former student/player find great success and knowing that part of their ideals were developed and practiced with me.   

Hobbies and Interests:

When I get a chance and a little extra cash I do enjoy golfing. Although I must admit if you see me on the links you should don a ballistic helmet. I do apologize in advance if I hit on your fairway. For me I get excited just to have hit a fairway. Very rarely are they my own.

I also enjoy rooting the for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Growing up I was raised on the Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino era but since Jacksonville was awarded a franchise I dropped the dolphins like a bad habit. No matter how dim things have become for them in the past I bleed Jaguar teal and plan to stick with them no matter what the record is.

I also grew up watching 2 television stations only. WGN and TBS. I became a fan of both the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves. (There wasn’t always ESPN). As I grew older I mostly pulled for the Braves since they were geographically much closer. However I still watched the Cubs after school during the day and the Braves at night.

As for my pick of colleges to root for on game day, well I have only one last thing to say on that.

Florida   State. Florida State, Florida State, Florida State!!!