AP Psychology


Welcome to AP Psychology at Nease. It is my hope that you will find this course very interesting and useful in your everyday lives. This AP course is just that, an AP course and meets the rigors of other AP courses. To have success, you will need to put effort into reading the content nightly, studying and applying vocabulary as well as attending classes on a regular basis.



Last year 75% of my students passed the AP Psychology Exam with a three or higher. Most would say that those results are great. However, it is my goal this year that you and your classmates reach an 80% pass rate or higher. This indeed will be a challenge but I am reminded by a quote that I have seen around several times before (author unknown) is that “If it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you.”


The following links below are to pages that you will need to print out (including the syllabus) and place in your AP Psychology notebook. These should be kept in your notebook the entire school year and you should frequently revert back to them for short study sessions. There may be more posted at a later date or handed out in class.

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confusing pairs 2014 2015

Syllabus AP Psychology

intense vocab list

Famous Psychologists You Will Need to Know

Please see the chapter notes below. You may print them out (I also suggest printing on the front and back of each page to save paper) or you may hand write them into your notebook. We will do note checks for grades as well as notebook checks which will include other material as well.

Thinking Critically with Psychological Science

The Biology of Mind

Sensation and Perception

Consciousness and the Two Track Mind



Cognition and language

Developing through the Life Span

Intelligence and Testing

Psych Disorders part 1

Psych Disorders part 2


Social Psych



Meyers for AP             Barron's Psych Book