American History

Welcome to my American History page. Please refer back often to get downloaded content or important messages about the class. Below please click on the link to view the course syllabus for this year.

American History Syllabus 2015 to 2016

Parents and Students:

Please go to the St. Johns County School District website at and look at the featured links on the left side. Click on Year at a Glance Pacing Guide. Next, ¬†scroll down to high schools. Find Social Studies. Follow to the right of Social Studies until you can click on the U.S. History link. Here you will find a rough pacing guide that we will stick to more often than not. This is for us to use as a guide so there may be a few differences but it shouldn’t be that far off. I recommend both you and your child use this to view frequently. I would take a closer look into the links on this guide to the right which will take you to resources for topics that are being discussed in the class.

Below you will find a collection of the power points that we will be using in class. If I give a class set and you lose it, please print another. There are times where I may ask the class to print them at home and we will check for them in class.

ch 5 Changes on the Western Front

ch 6 A new industrial age

ch 7 Immigrants and Urbanization

Ch 8 Life at the turn of the century

ch 9 Progressives new book

ch 10 Imperialism new book

ch 11 WWI new book

ch 12 Politics of the 1920s

ch 13 The Roaring Life of the 1920s

ch 14 great depression new book

ch 15 The New Deal

ch 16 World War Looms

ch 17 The United States in WWII

ch 18 Cold War Conflicts

ch 19 The Postwar Boom

ch 20 The New Frontier and The Great Society

ch 21 Civil Rights

ch 22 The Vietnam War Years

ch 23 An Era of Social Change

ch 24 An Age of limits

ch 25 The Conservative Tide

Ch 26

Please take a look below to find the current scale and objectives:

scale ch 6 industry