Welcome to Mrs. Heinz’s Webpage

Welcome to Mrs. Heinz’s Webpage

Each week I will post a new lesson plan. In the lesson plan is each subject I teach with what we did that day and the homework for that day. If you are absent or want to get ahead you can just follow the calendar.

Lesson plans2014 lesson plans.pdf week of 3/24

Mrs. Heinz’s schedule:

Pd. 1: Planning Pd. 4: Calculus BC Pd. 7: AP Calculus AB
Pd. 2: Calculus BC Pd. 5: AP Statistics
Pd. 3: AP Statistics Pd. 6: AP Statistics


Please come by my room in the morning for help (after 8:15). AP classes are very challenging, I am here to help!

This is the Heinz family!!!
Want to see my family, here they are:) Yes I have a life other than being the Crazy Math Teacher in room 775

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