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Welcome to Fifth Grade


This main 5th grade page will have information that applies to all  fifth grade classes.  You will find information about upcoming events, activities, fund raisers, field trips, clubs and resources to help you have a successful year at Hickory. Please click on your teacher’s names below to visit their specific websites for information about your specific classes.

 Mission Statement:  Hickory Creek Elementary School will inspire our students to become confident, motivated, creative, compassionate, responsible learners who persevere and accept new challenges with a heart of character.

Vision Statement:  Hickory Creek Elementary school will be a safe and engaging learning environment that seeks to balance the joys of childhood, the processes of creative exploration, and the unconditional love and acceptance of every child with the highest expectations of academic success.  To that end, all children will develop a healthy self image, a mind motivated to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired in order to critically and creatively solve problems and communicate effectively.  Our children will be prepared to be successful at the next academic levels with a heart of character that is moved to acts of respect, compassion, social and civic responsibilities.  Accomplishing this vision for every child involves a faculty committed to sharpening their skills and practicing their craft at the highest levels, frequent and embedded collaboration with colleagues and parents, regular parental involvement that allows school and home to be mutually supportive and responsible for the overall development of each child with a community that responds eagerly when given multiple opportunities to support excellence.

Open House 2018 Power Point

Open House Power Point 2018

Team websites can be found my clicking on the team names.

Mrs. Turnipseed and Mrs. Wiley

Mrs. Woods and Mr. Ouchi 

Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Begley