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Our Kindness theme for October is caring.  Daily “Kindness” writings prompts and discussions take place each morning. Weekly “Kindness” lesson are also part of our week. On Friday, the students select an Ambassador of Kindness (A.O.K.) This student selects someone in the school to give a Kindness Turtle away where they can keep it or pass it on to someone needing/showing kindness. I wish you could see the response of those who receive the turtles and how it affects each student as well. We go as a class to do the presentation so the other classes learn the benefits of kind words and actions. Please see below for homework.

IXL is assigned on Monday for the week. I check the report on the following Monday. It tells me how much time was spent, skills passed or those that they are having difficulty with, and generates a list of the top 5 students on IXL each week. These students will be recognized in class and take a trip to the Treasure Box. If your child doesn’t attempt 15 minutes on each skill or 90%, a note will be sent home on Monday that will need to be signed. Thanks for your help from home! On another note, if your child has a birthday they are excused from homework on that day and get to visit the treasure box. Hopefully this will help them celebrate their special day without worrying about getting homework done! We will start “Ugly Cat and Pablo” on Tuesday. Please send in a copy with your child. Comfy Day is Thursday. Students earned this for being the top fundraiser for 3rd grade in Turtle Trot! Comfy socks, stuffed animals, etc. can be brought in. The will end the day with a Media Center movie and treat. Congratulations!!!!

Report cards will be online October 24th. Zoo Fieldtrip is October 19th. Chaperones need to be at school no later than 9:15. Send in a lunch for after the trip. No money is needed for the trip. We drew names for the trip and they are: Leni’s mom, Ethan R.’s mom, Caden’s mom, Luka’s mom, and Laine’s mom. Thanks for volunteering!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email at [email protected] or text/call at 333-4448 prior to 3:15 p.m.


Monday- Teacher Planning


IXL F6 and worksheet

One Achieve

Wednesday- Math- IXL F6 and worksheet

Review Wordly Wise 5 Voc. test


Comfy Day for top fundraiser for Turtle Trot in 3rd!

Math- IXL  F7 and worksheet

One Achieve

5’s Tables test

Wordly Wise 5 Voc. test

Cold Read

Friday-Zoo Fieldtrip