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Welcome to Gamble Rogers Middle School Physical Education 2016-2017

imagesWhat you will need for PE: Combination lock, *PE Uniform, tennis (athletic) shoes with rubber soles and socks, small towel, deodorant,  and water bottle. *Uniforms on sale in the gym during orientation and throughout the school year while supplies last. Uniforms: Dry Fit T-Shirt and Dry Fit Shorts – $20.00 per set/Girl’s Dry Fit T-Shirt and Sport Tek Shorts – $20.00 per set/Joggers and Sweatpants – $20



P.E. Department

Terri Hall, BA, MA, NBCT
Liz Heffner, BA
Jonathan Livingood, BA
Rodney Summerall, Paraprofessional


Success in PE 

Dress out in the required uniform every class

Be on Time

Participate every class

Be Respectful, Responsible and Safe