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Living is Good at the Creek!

Welcome to Music at
Hickory Creek Elementary School!
Hickory Creek Elementary School has been designated as an “arts-focused school” which means we have an emphasis on learning through the various arts – music, art, drama, dance/movement and many forms of technology. 

Studies have shown over the years a correlation between academic achievement and study/performing musically. We have been tracking academic achievement for students involved in our Band program over the last 5 years and have found these students are scoring significantly higher on the FCAT tests than students not involved in Band. Individual students are also making larger learning gains than their peers who are not involved in learning to play an instrument. We are attempting to use this knowledge to provide the general student population with opportunities to study and perform music in an effort to increase academic growth for all of our students.

At Hickory Creek it isn’t about numbers and data; it’s about names and faces of precious children who benefit from this increased exposure to the arts! It is this experience that we feel results in HCES being the number 1 school in St. Johns County and tops in the State of Florida!!

In addition to General Music classes, you will find the classroom teachers at Hickory Creek using many creative approaches in their teaching of concepts ranging from math to science to social studies and more! The resource teachers also integrate concepts generally found in the regular classrom within their programs as well. The success of our program is evidenced in the high level achievement our students attained on statewide standardized tests during the past 6 years of our school’s history! Hickory Creek has proven that “Living IS good at the Creek!”

In the midst of an arts-infused environment, the students of Hickory Creek demonstrate great musical talent and artistic ability!  

The purpose of this website is to provide you with  information regarding the musical education your child will be  receiving as a part of the learning experience at Hickory Creek Elementary School.