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Welcome to Mrs. Gates Kindergarten Class

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Here’s a little bit about myself.  I have taught for 17 years, some in Georgia and now Florida.  I live on Anastasia Island with my family.  I have four children, Peyton – 13, Grayson – 12, Mari – 9, and Harrison – 4.  My husband is also an educator, he is the Assistant Principal at Hartley Elementary.  We love to go to the beach and watch movies together.

My Classroom

We have five rules in the classroom.

  1. Listen when the teacher is talking
  2. Raise your hand to talk
  3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  4. Follow directions quickly
  5. Be safe, kind and respectful

We use a color chart for behavior.  The entire class starts out on green.  If a student has a FANTASTIC Day then they can move to purple.  I will give two warnings when a student is not following the rules, Please and You Need, if the student is still not following the rules they will go to the warning table for two minutes and move their star to yellow.  They then come back to what they were doing.  If they continue to not follow the rules they will move to orange and lose recess or discovery center time.  If need be the stars can be moved to red and that will result in a phone call to a parent.  Each day I will put a star in your child’s communication folder.  Please make sure to initial under each day that you have seen what color your child was on.


Please make sure to send a note in if your child’s transportation will change.  It is very important that we know how they are going home.  A note with the date and the new form of transportation will work, you can also email me as well.


All money, including lunch money, should be in a Ziploc bag or envelope.  Please put your child’s name and what the money is for on the outside.  I will make sure it gets to the correct place.  Do not send any loose money in, thanks.


We do a community snack, so there is no need to send in an individual snack for your child.  I ask that parents send in snacks for the class.  Goldfish, crackers, pretzels, granola bars and fun fruits are great.  We can’t give the kids any homemade goodies due to allergies, sorry.  All snack items must be store bought.


We have four resource classes, Art, PE, Music, and Tutor Lab.  We rotate through these four resources.  Tennis shoes are the best shoes to wear for resource, especially PE, and we go out daily for recess.  All shoes must have a back, including sandels.  Flip flops are not allowed.

If you ever need anything at all please do not hesitate to email me, email is the best way to get in touch with me and that is how I communicate to all my parents.  My email is [email protected]