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Welcome to Agriscience


Course:  Agriscience has students designing, maintaining, and cultivating school gardens, school landscape, and school-wide nature trails.  Additionally, students incorporate skills learned in science, language arts, math, social studies, and art, as they investigate key themes in ecology and environmental science.  Finally, students have the opportunity to harvest, prepare, and consume the food they grow in class!!!

Supply List:  1 standard two pocket portfolio folder, pencil, pen, notebook paper, and calculator

Course Syllabus (Overview):  Syllabus 2017-’18

Wish to make a donation to the program or donate supplies?  See attach listSchool Ecology Donations

Upcoming Events:  Class with the highest donations receives a donut party!!!  Bring folder and journal to class EVERYDAY!!!

7th and 8th Grade Weekly Schedule





 Tues/A-Day Silver  Wed./B-Day





Class Activity  Complete Boat Test & Collect Data on garden and seeds Complete Boat Test & Collect Data on garden and seeds Final Boat tests.

 Complete Boat Lab Analysis

*Garden Data Check


Complete Boat Lab Analysis

* Garden Data Check



 Bring folder, paper, calculator, and pencil everyday.