Welcome Letter



Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to the Art Room. My name is Kathryn Frericks, and am looking forward to a wonderful semester partnering with you in your child’s education. Please take a few moments to review the following information with your child. A signed and returned form will count as our first homework assignment.

During the course of this class, your child will receive a comprehensive, cross-curricular, Art education based on the frame work of the Florida State Standards. We will learn about art through varying cultures, develop an extensive working vocabulary, as well as gain an understanding of art interpretation. Your child will also be producing their own masterpieces!

I do ask that each student bring the following to class on or before next Monday, January 12th:

  • An 8 1/2 x 11, spiral or bound (not glued) sketchbook with 70 or more pages (these can be found at Barnes & Noble, Michaels and Hobby Lobby for around $10)
  • OR a 1/4″ binder that will be used as a sketch book. (I will supply the paper)
  • A plastic three fastener (Pronged) pocket folder
  • One package index cards, any size, lined or unlined
  • One package of pencils
  • One roll of paper towels
  • One box of gallon or quart sized Ziploc bags
  • One liquid hand or dish soap
  • One container of Clorox wipes, hand wipes, or Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

In addition, we can always use recycled plastic and paper grocery bags as well as plastic containers with lids. All other tools and materials needed will be provided. Unless homework is assigned, both the sketchbook and folder can be left in the classroom.

The student expectations for our class are as follows:
Be PREPARED: Come to class on time. Bring your charged laptop, as well as a blue or black pen. Be ready to think and work.
BE RESPECTFUL: Be respectful to your peers, to your teacher & to yourself. Take responsibility for your actions. Listen when others are talking. Clean up your area
BE SAFE: Use materials and tools appropriately and carefully. This also applies to appropriate use of the student laptop and sites visited.
ALWAYS PARTICIPATE: Skills are developed through practice. When you practice consistently and participate often, improvement will occur.

We will have several collaborative opportunities, a research project, and a comprehensive final at the end of the course. As we are a technology school, we will be using the student laptops in the art room for research, inspiration and gallery tours. On the days we are not using them, they will be stored to the side of the room out of harms way.

Please feel free to communicate any cares, concerns, or insights you may have, my email is [email protected] It is my intention to respond to all emails within 24 hours. You will have access to all assignments, grades, and Florida State Standards covered through your students e-school account. In addition, you will be able to access my website via the VRA home page where you will find class information as well as links to enhance your child s art education.

I have an open door policy and you are always welcome to visit our class!

Kindest Regards,
Kathryn Frericks