Econ Unit 7

Econ Unit 7
Financial Institutions
Unit 7 Scales
• Money and Banking
• Functions of Money
• Characteristics of Money
• Composition of Money
Government and the Economy
• Taxes and Government Spending
• Direct and Indirect Taxes
• Progressive, Proportional, Regressive Taxes
• Fiscal Policy
• Government Spending
• Tax Policies
• The Federal Budget and Deficits
• Deficit Spending
• National Debt
• Entitlements
• Social Security
• Monetary Policy
• Discount Rate
• Reserve Requirement
• Open Market Operations
• Organization and Function of the Federal Reserve System
• Public Policy Analysis
• Economic Philosophers
• Adam Smith
• Karl Marx
• Thomas Malthus
• John Maynard Keynes
• Milton Friedman

Class Notes

ESSAY ASSIGNMENT and RUBRIC (this must be attached to your essay)

Review Videos
What is Money?
Creating Money
The Fed
Monetary Policy
Fiscal Policy
Russel Roberts Video Keynes v. Hayek
Keynes v. Hayek rd 2
Crowding Out and Lags

Deficit/Debt Video (PBS Frontline)

Benchmark review sheet
Benchmark Review Sheet