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Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!

Over the course of the year we will cover a variety of topics and learn how culture, history, economics, government, and geography help shape the world in which we live. Students and parents are encouraged to use this site to find out what we are learning about in class as well as to check if classwork/ homework assignments are due.



Please feel free to contact me to schedule conferences with any of my team members.

Preferred method of contact: Email: [email protected]

Online book:

Unit 1: Early Humans and Societies ePub|PDF
Unit 2: Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Kush ePub|PDF
Unit 3: Civilization in India and China ePub|PDF
Unit 4: Foundations of Western Ideas ePub|PDF
Unit 5: The Roman World ePub|PDF
Unit 6: Islamic and African Civilizations ePub|PDF
Unit 7: Empires of Asia and the Americans ePub|PDF

Here is the content that will be covered over the 3rd 9 weeks:


  • SS.6.W.2.3, SS.6.W.2.9, SS.6.G.1.7, SS.6.G.2.6
  • Chapter 7

Ancient Greeks

  • SS.6.C.1.1, SS.6.W.3.10, SS.6.C.2.1, SS.6.W.3.2, SS.6.W.3.4, SS.6.W.3.5, SS.6.W.3.6
  • Chapter 8

Greek Civilization

  • DBQ Project: “Citizenship in Athens and Rome”
  • SS.6.W.3.2, SS.6.W.3.3, SS.6.W.3.7, SS.6.C.1.1, SS.6.C.2.1, SS.6.G.2.2, SS.6.G.2.4, SS.6.E.1.1
  • Chapter 9


PowerPoint covered over the next units



RomanRepublic chapter 10




05/01-05/05- Review ancient Greece-Poster

          Homework: Study

05/08-05/12-Complete review over semester 1 and 2 -powerpoint/handout

         Homework: Study

05/15-DDA Exam