Welcome to 7th Grade Civics!


Welcome to the World of Civics

Course Description: The primary content for the course pertains to the principles, functions, and organization of government; the origins of the American political system; the roles, rights, responsibilities of United States citizens; and the methods of active participation in our political system.

Advanced students will develop and demonstrate their skills through participation in an extended research-based paper/project (history fair, citizenship project, mock congressional hearing, etc.)

Curriculum Focus Areas: The topics will be explored through a variety of resources and strategies including, but not limited to, textbook/workbook, political cartoons, online/text-based research and writing opportunities, online games, close-reading strategies, and Document Based Questions (DBQs)

Quarter 1 topics: Citizenship, forms and systems of government, foundations of American democracy, US Constitution

Quarter 2 topics: The Bill of Rights, Constitutional Amendments, political parties, voting and elections, public opinion

Quarter 3 topics: Three branches of federal government, foreign policy, the legal system, state, local government, FL Constitution

Quarter 4 topics: Geography, Economics, Foreign Affairs

Please see the attached year at a glance for standards being covered in each quarter in the document tab.

End of Course (EOC) Exam: The Civics EOC assessment will be a cumulative exam covering the standards of the entire year that will count 30% of the student’s final grade.

Home Access Center allows you to monitor your student’s grades.  You will need a user ID and password. Please contact Ms. Lange for this information.