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It is in the doing that the idea comes. – Edmund Bacon
(University of Pennsylvania Professor and father of Kevin Bacon)

The purpose of the Design Academy Architecture program is to prepare students for careers and / or college in the architecture / engineering related industries through the act of doing.

Hands On

The Architecture program offers a sequence of courses that provide coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers.

2018 – 2019 Architecture Design Academy enrollment is over 160 students!
Thank you for your sustained interest:)

Future Designers

It is my privilege to prepare your children for further education and careers in Architecture through a sequence of four Honor Drafting courses at Bartram Trail High School. My name is Ms. Dorst, I grew up with a contractor father in California; being exposed to construction sites early on influenced me to study architecture, landscape architecture and education. I have a Masters in Education and Landscape Architecture from Penn State University, University of California and California State University. My professional experience includes design for resorts and residences. I look forward to guiding your children to inquire into the world of design to discover all that they can be and have some fun along the way.

Approach to Learning: D1, D2, D3, D4, respectively

1.       Honors Drafting 1This course provides STRUCTURED INQUIRY in basic drawing and drafting skills, applied mathematics, multi-view and sectional drawings. Note that this course satisfies the required high school graduation art credit. Drafting 1 Syllabus

Here is a snapshot of Architecture 1 activities:

Hand drafting in Drafting 1

Hand drafting

2.       Honors Drafting 2This course provides CONTROLLED INQUIRY in basic architectural and civil computer-aided drafting and design, as well as an overview of the history of the built environment. Drafting 2 Syllabus

Here is a snapshot of Architecture 2 activities:

Presenting Catapult Design

Presenting Catapult Design

3.       Honors Drafting 3 This course provides GUIDED INQUIRY in computer aided drafting skills and professional certification, professional ethics and career and education planning; and project management related to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the built environment.  Drafting 3 Syllabus

Here is a snapshot of Architecture 3 activities:

4.       Honors Drafting 4 This course is designed to provide FREE INQUIRY in three dimensional modeling and project management. Drafting 4 Syllabus

Here is a snapshot of Architecture 4 activities:


USGBC My Green Apple Project

The Architecture program prepares students to seek entry level employment as an architect’s assistant, CAD operator, Revit operator and more in related fields by demonstrating proficiency through the Autodesk User Certification Exams: