About our Music Program

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The music program at Hartley Elementary is designed to meet the objectives and outcomes of the Florida Sunshine State Standards in Music for grades kindergarten through five. The standards are clasified into five areas:

1. Skills and Techniques
2. Creation and Communication
3. Cultural and Historical Connections
4. Aesthetic and Critical Analysis
5. Applications to Life

Students receive music instruction once every six school days, for 45 minutes each time. This amounts to 30 class periods per school year, for a total contact time of approximately 21 hours with the music specialist. 
The spacious music suite is equipped with Orff instruments, a piano, LCD projector, Smartboard and Elmo. 
Music class at Hartley can be described as “eclectic”, incorporating the best practices available today in music education. The prevalent philosophy is Orff Schulwerk, an active, creativity-based approach which combines music and movement in a child-friendly learning community.

Because the primary instrument is the voice, singing is incorporated into most lessons. The children also use musical instruments to apply concepts in context. Many lessons involve music making in an ensemble, including singing, playing instruments, and moving to music. All learning styles are addressed, and learning to make music is an experience that involves the child’s many learning avenues.

The core experiences your child will receive are:

kidhands-bullet2 Singing a varied repertoire of music, including patriotic songs, American folk songs, and songs from around the world.

kidhands-bullet2 Learning to play in a group on Orff instruments and percussion.

kidhands-bullet2 Fourth and fifth graders will learn to play the soprano recorder.

kidhands-bullet2 Learning to read and write music on a basic elementary level.

kidhands-bullet2 Improvising and creating melodies and accompaniments on Orff instruments.

kidhands-bullet2 Studying music as it relates to world cultures and world history through dances and songs.

kidhands-bullet2 Evaluating music based on how it is designed, applying age-appropriate music vocabulary.

kidhands-bullet2 Evaluating music based on its characteristics and its quality, using age-appropriate music vocabulary.

kidhands-bullet2 Relating music to other arts, to other subjects and to life and careers.



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