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Mrs. Dessi’s 8th Grade Science Class Helpful links and tips

Students should go to daily to check for alerts, assignment updates and make-up work if they were absent. 

Students are asked to contact me via Edmodo if it is after school or on the weekend.  I ask students to contact me if it is a question about work we are doing in class, HW or a study question.  If they are absent, they need to check Edmodo for their make-up work.

Parents please contact me via email at [email protected]    I will respond during school hours with in one school day.  If you are not receiving a weekly email from me about updates in class, please update your email address with our front office.  It includes helpful information about test dates and upcoming events.

HAC is updated frequently.  If you see —– for a grade, the grade is pending.  A zero reflects the student did not turn in the assignment.

Remember, if a student is absent it is there responsibility to get their work missed.  They get days absent + 1 to turn in work and have it not be considered late.

Directions to access on-line text book:

Follow the above link and click on Pearson.  This will take you to the book.
 username:  55 + student number                                                 password:  Capitalized first initial capitalize last initial + Full birthdate in numeric form

example:  Student John Doe was born March 5, 2002 and his password would be –  JD03052002