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Syllabus 2017-18



If you’ve visited my website, you must be a Credit Recovery or St. Johns Virtual student or parent.  I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Grace DeLaughter (Room: N135; phone: 904-547-8340 ext. 22509) and my main job is to tutor and support students who are retaking courses for graduation.  This is my seventh year doing this; however, I have also taught math and English at Bartram since coming here in 2009.  I have 25 years of teaching experience, all in Florida.  I graduated from the University of Florida.  I also enjoy assisting those Bears who just need a computer in order to work on a SJV course.

My syllabus is at the top of this page.  Please take a look at that because it is full of information about my classroom expectations for student success.  The big news for 2017-18 is that our District purchased a new program for Credit Recovery called Apex Learning.  It has some similarities and differences with Plato, of course, but from what I’m seeing, the students are more engaged!  Students may work on their courses at home.  However, they may not take pretests, unit tests, or semester exams at home.  And unless they earn a 70 or higher on their current lesson quiz (which they have two tries on) they cannot move forward.  This is an important difference from PLATO.  Students will use the same login procedure that they do at school.  For most students, that means going to the BTHS website and then to the Bartram Links page.  Clever (four multi-colored squares) is the link to click on.  For those students who transferred here from out of St. Johns County, they also use the same procedure that they use while at school but it involves going directly to the Apex website which is  Chrome is the browser that Apex recommends using for the smoothest experience.

The best way to contact me is by email at:  [email protected]