Web Sites


Below are a list of websites that are suitable for your child to explore. From discovering facts,
to practicing skills, or even hearing a story being read, your child should have lots of fun
surfing through these pages!!

As we discover more great sites, we will add them to the list below!

This is a great starting point to begin researching!
9132006_33025_6.png 9132006_32036_3.png
This is a great place to work on
beginning reading skills!
Why not practice your phonics skills on this website!
9132006_32355_5.png 9132006_32256_4.png
Why not work on your math skills with this great site! There are some awesome games here that relate to our math series!
4232007_35216_2.png 4232007_35112_1.png
Robert Munsch writes some great children’s books. You can even listen to him reading them! The children just love reading Junie B.!
4232007_35350_3.png 4232007_35444_4.png
Have some fun with The Cat in the Hat! Find out the latest news of Jack and Annie!