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Here are some fun games to help you get even smarter than you already are!
Your moms and dad are sure to be happy that you are on the computer playing these games!

Just click on the link, and a game will pop up for you to play!

Have fun!
1st Grade Teachers!

Language Games!

These games will help you practice our weekly vocabulary!

Theme 6 Week 1 Theme 6 Week 2 Theme 6 Week 3
Theme 7 Week 1 Theme 7 Week 2 Theme 7 Week 3
Theme 8 Week 1 Theme 8 Week 2 Theme 8 Week 3
Theme 9 Week 1 Theme 9 Week 2 Theme 9 Week 3
Theme 10 Week 1 Theme 10 Week 2 Theme 10 Week 3

CNR 123
Math Games!

Be a math detective and see if you can solve the math problems in the game below.
More games will be coming soon!

Be a Math Detective!