Meaning of My Name

To help students learn and practice the basics of PowerPoint, I assigned the following requirements.

  • Use “The Magic of My Name” to get the meaning of your name
  • Must have at least 6 letters
  • Each letter should be on its own slide
  • Each word needs a definition or synonym
  • Each slide needs a background
  • There needs to be at least 2 pictures in the slideshow
  • There needs to be at least one animation (action) on each slide
  • There needs to be a transition between each slide

To get the information for their PowerPoint, students used This site allows you to personalize a book by creating a character and entering your name. A story is then created based on your name and explains the meaning. The students used what the book gave as the meaning of their names and creating a PowerPoint.

This project took months to create but the end results showed the hard work of the students. Many students enjoyed the process and liked how it was personalized to their name.

Click the class names below to see a collection of some of the final projects.

Duggan_Duprey 1

Duggan_Duprey 2

Beverly 1

Beverly 2


Newcomb O’connor



Sutton_O’connor 1

Sutton_O’connor 2


Lewis_Duprey 2

Lewis_Duprey 3